To Find Your Passion

5 April 2016

The start of April has been a little slow as I haven't really been up to much lately, hence the random garden photos plus the cats doing their usual thing! But lately I've been thinking. Thinking how It's taken me ages to finally find my passion. Although I can bet there's even more decisions to come and after a lot of indecisiveness, I'm starting to pin point what my passion really is.

My blogging started about two years ago when I had decided to give it a go. But after going through a rough time in my last year of sixth form I decided to delete my blog and never thought about returning to it. But last year before starting uni, I decided to give blogging another go.

My passion for photo taking, writing, blogging, connecting with social media and so on comes from being inspired by others. You know, the photographers, bloggers, vloggers, Instagramers and adventurers that we all follow online on a daily basis. It's not about envying someone's job but it's about being inspired by what they do and how they have an impact on your own creativeness.

I'd be sat indoors on a rainy day in the Midlands, flicking through Twitter and Instagram seeing photos of bloggers shooting in London thinking 'I can see myself doing that'. Or reading through my favourite bloggers websites full of collaborations and beautiful designs thinking, 'in a few years that's where I'd like my blog to be at'. I think Nishaantishu was the first blog I ever read. I came across one of Freya's posts on Instagram and just reading through someone else's adventures and relating to their thoughts had inspired me to give blogging another go.

To find your passion is a difficult one, unless you've truly known what your passion is from since a young age. But for me, I've been all over the place! Changing my mind over so many careers (I was even determined to become an actress at one point), but I guess every decision I had made at the time was always a creative one. Now that I'm on track with my decisions, like choosing a course that I'm actually interested in, I can now start to make clearer decisions and plan properly.


Posts I've loved reading :: Rosie's 'On to the next adventure', Freya's 'Brokedown Palace', Sara's 'Me & Luke Skywalker' & Miranda's 'Fun Things to See and Do in April'

What is your passion? How long did it
take you to find your passion?