Down By The Sea

2 September 2016

Whilst away, the blog has been quiet for a week. I've definitely missed writing, I packed my laptop with me but the Wifi was so bad that I just couldn't use it properly. I wrote a few notes as usual on my iPad but that was all, I thought I'd get the chance to write as the weather was predicted lots of rain but the sun was out and my mind was all over the place at times so I didn't manage to write anything for the blog. However, I did manage to take plenty of photos, it was a big change to take photos of different scenery rather than just my garden, around the house or nearby locations.

It was an up and down couple of days. There were times where all my troubles had disappeared and mind was at ease, especially when walking on a sandy bay. Or sitting on a bunch of warm smooth pebbles, watching as the waves rolled back and forth into the rock pool with the water sparkling and glistening in the sun. A salty smell in the air as each cool breeze drifted past. Speedboats soaring past on the choppy water making their way to the lighthouse that was out at sea, then speeding their way over to the Puffin Island.

I love soothing sounds, I find the sounds helpful especially when I am feeling anxious or stressed. It was nice to sit down beside the sea and listen to the calming sounds that surrounded me. The sea swooshing against the rocks, the sound of the lighthouse bell, seagulls singing in the air, speedboats flying across the water and if you listened carefully, the narration of the boat tours talking about the old lighthouse.

There were times when all my troubles came back to me. I felt homesick and it didn't help that I haven't been away from home in ages. I thought I could leave my anxiety back at home but it decided to follow me. There were a few sleepless nights which I had predicted beforehand, I knew that being away from home especially at night would set off my anxiety. It actually resulted in us leaving the bathroom light on as there were no streetlamps outside (which I'm used to), as this made the cottage have an eerie pitch black darkness at night. At times I wanted to go home, I could have done but I stayed strong and didn't let my anxiety defeat me.

It was hard work, walking up the teeniest and tiniest of steps up the castle towers. A lot of hard work for my small legs! But it was worth the climb as the views were stunning looking out towards the harbours and bays. Once again my mind felt at ease, maybe not when I was hanging on for dear life walking up those steps, but there was no 'I need to get home' feelings. So being by the sea, walking around small sea town shops and taking in all the views was all that was needed for a peace of mind.

'She loved the sea. She liked the sharp salty smell of the air, and the vastness of the horizons bounded only by a vault of azure sky above. It made her feel small, but free as well.' -
George R.R Martin




  1. Thank you! Thanks for reading :)


  2. Oh wow, these photos are just stunning! Reading your post as well, i could empathise so much with the ability of the outdoors to make you feel calm, as disorienting as being away from home can be - i felt the exact same way in parts of new england, a true home away from home :)

    1. Thanks Sophie! Being outdoors, somewhere beautiful is one of the best solutions for me :)