Hello November

7 November 2016

I've been so busy lately that I forgot to welcome November! I can't believe how it's the second to last month of the year already and Winter is just around the corner. You can definitely feel it in the air, it's so fresh but icy cold, however Autumn is still giving it's all as there are still plenty of orange leaved trees around everywhere I go. It's definitely coat, hat, scarf and gloves weather though, it's getting colder and colder each day. Especially early in the mornings and evenings which isn't particularly great when i'm waiting for the bus to go to work and waiting to travel home! Now is definitely time to start embracing that Winter wardrobe!

I'm so looking forward to seeing some snow this Winter, we only usually get a little flurry of snow late November and into December but this year I'm hoping for a thick sheet of snow and hoping to get outdoors and take some winter photos for the blog and Instagram!

Oh and how I can't wait to get hold of one of those Costa cups! Oh my gosh how good do their festive hot drinks sound? From gingerbread lattes to Lindt hot chocolate, I can't wait to try them all along with their amazing festive cup designs! Move over pumpkin spiced latte I say!

I'm looking forward to getting some more posts complete before the end of the year. I haven't been able to write much on the blog lately so on my days off I'm hoping to get some posts written for Winter! I have plenty of ideas and I can't wait to get stuck in with writing and taking photos again!

I'm also hoping to getting my skates back on. I haven't been to an ice rink in ages, so I hope this year I can get the family to one of the nearby ice rinks and all get our skates on! I daresay I'll be any good, you'll find me either sat on the ice or clinging on the barriers for dear life!

What are you looking forward to this November and upcoming Winter?




  1. lovely post,I am looking for so many long forest walks and to read at least one book xo


  2. It's so crisp early in the morning, I can't wait too to take some snow pics! Even if Autumn is definitely my fave season!

    federica | www.theprettypeony.com

  3. It's amazing how the last few months of the year are flown! I love dark cold evenings, and everything about autumn as you know :) I love this post and everything about this wonderful season ! xx