Winter's Frost & Reflecting on 2016

31 December 2016

Every morning this week, outside my bedroom window I've looked out to find a beautiful frost glistening in the sunlight beneath the fog. The morning of my day off I decided to get dressed quickly out of my pyjamas, put on a Winter coat, grab my camera and went outside in the garden to take a few photos before the sun would melt away the frost. It was all I wanted to do, to take a few photos of the frost to capture Winter. It really is starting to feel more like Winter each day, I'm just hoping for some snow in the new year!

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

21 December 2016

Something I've always wanted to do at Christmas is to create my own wrapping paper. I love the wrapping paper that you can find in many shops, what with all the glitter, Christmassy prints and glossy paper. But after seeing lots of creative ideas over at Pinterest I really wanted to have a go at creating my own Christmas wrapping paper!

An Enthusiasm For Baking - Gingerbread Men

12 December 2016

Of course my favourite way to spend my cold Winter mornings is to bake! On my days off of work I have been enjoying doing lots of baking, and making some gingerbread men was number one on my festive baking list! Christmas isn't just the same without some gingerbread men and rather than buying from the shop I love making my own. I love everything about spiced biscuits, the smell of the spices mixed together in the bowl and watching the biscuits turn a warm golden colour in the oven.

Things To Do This Winter

5 December 2016

A big warm welcome to December! I still can't decide whether this year has gone by quick or slow, but it's certainly been an up and down year for me. I'm really looking forward to Winter though and now that things are starting to get better I really want to stay focused and move on from everything that went wrong this year. Whether you like spending your Winter days indoors with a hot chocolate or you like an action packed Winter, here is my list of things to see and do this Winter!