DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

21 December 2016

Something I've always wanted to do at Christmas is to create my own wrapping paper. I love the wrapping paper that you can find in many shops, what with all the glitter, Christmassy prints and glossy paper. But after seeing lots of creative ideas over at Pinterest I really wanted to have a go at creating my own Christmas wrapping paper!
I'm all about being creative and using what you can already find around the house and I never thought that some brown paper, ribbon and paint would turn into something wonderfully creative! After rummaging around the house for anything that I could find I came across some old art equipment left over from my A Levels 2 years back, so I thought I'd make use of what I already had left in the cupboard!

Things you will need:

- Brown wrapping paper
- Tape or glue stick
- Paint of your choice (I used emulsion paint as it was all I could find)
- Ribbon or twine/string
- Stamps/cookie cutters or a potato for making your own stamp
- A roller or piece of cardboard for scraped paint effect


For my first box I decided to go for a scraped paint effect which I found on Pinterest and rather liked the look of it! I have used a roller which was used for lino printing back when I was in A Level Art, I painted a small amount of white paint with a brush just to get a smooth coating on the roller and quickly and lightly rolled onto the surface of the box. If you don't have a roller then you can always use a small piece of cardboard, dab it into the paint and then scrape it along the surface of the box, which will create the same effect!

I then used a piece of silver/grey ribbon to tie around the box and shape into a bow on top of the box. You can also use twine or any type of string and a colour of ribbon of your choice. It's all about finding what you already have around the house! Or you can always visit a craft shop to stock up on plenty of equipment and decrations.


For the second box I cut a potato in half and cut out (a rather dodgy) Christmas tree shape, ah childhood memories! I find applying the paint with a paintbrush onto the stamp rather than pressing into the paint gives a much smoother application of paint, then you can also top up the paint after printing each shape on the box.

You can print out any shapes you like! If you didn't want to cut out the stamps yourself then you can always visit a craft shop or Amazon where you can find lots of rubber stamps.


For the third and final box I used a spare cookie cutter to print snowflakes onto the box. It was all I could find in the house and I found that the cookie cutter was really easy to use and it printed out the shape perfectly. Just make sure you get enough paint on the cutter as sometimes you can be left with a half print if the paint isn't spread evenly over the cutter. You don't have to use a cookie cutter, you could make your own by using the potato stamp method or buying stamps from a craft shop. I prefer using a cutter for more delicate shapes like the snowflake!

So there you have it really easy, simple and creative ways to make your own DIY Christmas wrapping paper! What I love most about DIY wrapping paper is that there are so many different designs and ways to decorate, there are plenty of ideas online or like I mentioned before the best place to find DIY ideas is on Pinterest!




  1. This is exactly what I attempted to do with my gift wrapping, but I failed because I got the wrong wrapping paper! The paint wouldn't dry since the paper was quite plastic-like :( I looooove your wrapping papers! And using a potato was really a great idea xx

    Kaylee 🎅ㅣJK's Dawn

    1. Thank you, always best to make use of what you already have at home! :)

  2. Your presents are gorgeous! Literally the paper itself is a joy enough without needing anything inside!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I always hate throwing out wrapping paper after opening gifts especially the really lovely ones :)