A Wander In The Snow

17 December 2017

It's not often we get snow for Winter. If and when we do, it's usually rain followed by flurries of snow or snow setting in the morning and melting away by the afternoon. But when we get a thick sheet of snow like this, it's such a treat and I just couldn't wait to get out and take some photos around the nature trails.

Things To See & Do This Winter

6 December 2017

Although the Winter solstice begins on the 21st of December, I definitely think it's feeling much more like Winter each day. As Autumn moves into Winter I have my list of things to see and do this Winter!

Recently I Have Been...

3 December 2017

Happy December! 'Tis the season for festivities and the beginning of Winter. I still can't quite believe how quickly these past few months have flown by and even though it's not officially Winter yet it certainly does feel like it! The last week of November was definitely the beginning of the cold Winter temperatures, all the golden leaves have pretty much fallen off the trees and we've been seeing more frosty mornings, even a bit of snow! Before things start to get all Wintery and festive around here, I have my monthly round up of what I've been up to recently. 

Autumn In Film & Moving Into Winter

29 November 2017

I had been meaning to use my Olympus OM-10 which once belonged to my Grandad. It hasn't been used in so many years, and when I saw that it had been left in the loft in its camera bag gathering dust, I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at using a roll of 35mm colour film and take the camera for a test run around the parks and nature trails. I was inspired to go out and take some photos after reading Carrie (Adventures in Film - Part #1) and Amber's (35mm Diaries) posts, who have both used a 35mm camera and I really loved the outcome from their photos!

Autumn Playlist

22 November 2017

Although we're nearly coming to the end of Autumn, I thought I would share what music I have been listening to throughout this season! I don't tend to talk a lot about music on the blog, but I love creating seasonal content and thought it would be a good idea to start sharing a round up of the music I've been listening to in each of the seasons. My Spotify playlists are ever growing as I just love finding new music to listen to. Scouring through the top playlists and searching for recommendations from others, I'm always looking for music to add to my own selection of playlists.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies

19 November 2017

It's almost becoming a tradition that every birthday I treat myself to a new recipe book. My birthday was last month and after a look around the bookshops I decided to buy one of the Great British Bake Off books that were on offer. Speaking on The Great British Bake Off, what did we all make of that series? Although I missed seeing Mary, Mel and Sue, I still love everything to do with that show! I'm happy that Sophie won (although I knew in advance since Prue's Twitter mistake, oops!), she was one of my favourites from the start! I'm making up for no Bake Off on tv by enjoying baking something different each week!

Autumn Wanderings & A Little Catch Up

10 November 2017

There's nothing like a walk through the nature trails or the woods in Autumn. I love going for walks all year round but Autumn has always been my favourite time for a wander. Especially when the air is so crisp and fresh, the leaves golden and dancing in the breeze, spotting all the wild berries, mushrooms and wildlife. I find it so peaceful and relaxing, it's just so nice to spend some time away from the house and embrace the season of Autumn. It's nice to be away from everything, away from all my recent worries and away from the stress and anxiety I've been trying my best to keep at bay.

Recently I Have Been...

3 November 2017

Happy November! I can't quite believe how quickly October has flown by and that we can now officially say that Winter and the Christmas festivities begin next month! I'm finally back to posting again after a blog issue I had to sort out with the Google team, but I think it's been resolved so I'm hoping that I can carry on posting without anymore issues. Although it's only been a week, I've missed not being able to post. So I thought I would start off with my monthly little round up and share what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks or so!

It's a Cosy Autumn

22 October 2017

There's always been something so special about October and the rest of the Autumn season. It's my favourite season of all, what with October being my birthday month which I celebrated last Tuesday! And the celebration of Halloween at the end of the month and Bonfire Night in November. The nights are drawing in much earlier and the leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground more frequently, leaving behind a crunchy golden path to wander through. How we're nearly at the end of October already I don't know, this month seems to be flying by so quickly!

Oreo Acorn Truffles

13 October 2017

I haven't shared a baking post in ages and one of my goals for this Autumn is to get back into some sort of a baking routine and share more recipes on the blog! For me, I've always found baking to be very relaxing and to be the perfect stress buster, unless something goes wrong like the cake has sunk or the biscuits have merged (which happened last week, oops!), but other than a few baking fails I've always felt much more better when I'm out in the kitchen baking!

Recently I Have Been...

4 October 2017

Recently I have been...

Walking: Through the church grounds on my way back home where the paths are beginning to be covered in a sea of golden Autumn leaves.

Watching: Great British Bake Off. I miss Mary Berry, Mel and Sue, but as always I love the show for the baking challenges each week!

Autumn Magic & Reflecting on a Slow Lived Summer

27 September 2017

Autumn window sill view with pumpkin and leaves

I'm so happy that we can now officially say it is Autumn! Autumn will always be my favourite time of the year, it definitely has something to do with the magic that this season brings. Such as the wonderful colours of oranges, yellows and reds, the temperatures dropping with a crisp and fresh chill in the air, darker evenings with fairy lights and candles bringing a cosy atmosphere to our homes, pumpkins to decorate the home, Autumn baking to fill out kitchens with the smells of cinnamon and spice and Autumn wardrobes with chunky knits, scarves and lace up boots.

Things To See & Do This Autumn

22 September 2017

Things to do in Autumn

As always when a new season begins I love to share my favourite things to see and do throughout that new season. I always say that Autumn is my favourite season of them all and I'll always stick by that. But I have begun to love and appreciate the littlest things in each of the seasons. Whether that be a love for the wildflowers in the Summer or frosty mornings in the Winter, there are different aspects of the seasons that I truly have a love for. Autumn is a time for harvest and cosiness. So without futher ado, here are my favourite things to see and do this Autumn!

Snapshots In Padstow

13 September 2017

I'm a little behind schedule on posting but I'm rather excited to start planning some Autumn posts for October, which I can't believe how quickly September is flying by! It's been nearly a month since my holiday in Cornwall, but I thought I would share some of my favourite snapshots in Padstow!

Finding Magic In Tintagel

8 September 2017

I have been longing for a new adventure away from home. A break away to refresh and a chance to de-stress after an up and down couple of months. I don't get to travel as much as I'd love to, so whilst I was on holiday with the family in Cornwall last week, it was the perfect opportunity to go out and explore the wonders of the Cornish coast and countryside.

Recently I Have Been...

1 September 2017

I'm back again after a week's break! I was away for a couple of days in Cornwall and decided that it was also a great chance to have a little break away from blogging and editing. I had been struggling with stress for the past month so I definitely needed the time to refresh. But now that I'm back I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and focus on creative work! First I thought I'd share what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks or so!

A Slow Lived Summer :: Mindful Moments

18 August 2017

So far my Summer hasn't been completely stress free. I haven't really been sticking to a routine like I usually do. I've been slow at posting and my mind has just been elsewhere. But minus all the stress and trying to get my motivation back, I've been trying to do things a little bit differently this Summer. Deciding to take things more slowly and appreciate the littlest things in each day.

Snapshots In Chatsworth Gardens

9 August 2017

A couple of weeks back we decided to go and visit Chatsworth Gardens which is located in the Peak District. I'm a little late posting this one but I thought I'd share a couple of snapshots I took whilst wandering around the beautiful gardens.

I was amazed at just how beautiful the gardens were. I never expected the grounds to spread out so far and for there to be so much to discover. There's 105 acres of Chatsworth Gardens to explore, with fountains, sculptures, Victorian rock gardens, a maze, waterfalls and many trails to wander around. It's the perfect way to spend a slow lived Summer's day.

Recently I Have Been...

2 August 2017

Recently I have been...

Walking: Around Chatsworth House gardens in the Peak District. I just couldn't believe how beautiful the place was. There were rose gardens, waterfalls, fountains, even a maze to get lost in! And the most amazing rocky gardens with hidden paths and tall trees. We also took a quick browse around the farm shop which had the most colourful range of fruits and vegetables.

White Chocolate & Pistachio Rocky Road

26 July 2017

I've been a bit slow posting over the past couple of weeks which I mentioned in my previous post. I lost a bit of motivation and couldn't find any new inspiration for what to write and photograph but after a weeks break I think I'm getting back into the swing of things again! The other week I thinking how I haven't shared a baking post in ages. I had a couple of baking fails in the last could of days, I tried a millionaires shortbread but burnt the caramel, I tried it the second time with ready made caramel but realised it was for a banoffee filling so the caramel didn't set at all!

Life Lately & Wild Inspiration

19 July 2017

It feels like it's been ages since I last shared a post on here, although it has only been a week's break! The quietness is mainly because lately things have been a little slow. It's all been stressing out over job interviews, filling out applications and lots of researching.

Slow Lived Summer: Things To See & Do

5 July 2017

As part of my slow lived Summer, I want to spend this Summer focusing on doing things that make me feel happy and relaxed. It's been a stressful couple of weeks as I've been racing around going to different job interviews each week, which I've been getting myself worked up about them causing my anxiety levels to increase.

The last thing I want to do this Summer is to feel anxious and stressed out. Usually when I feel that way I make sure I can take my mind off of anything that's worrying me buy doing some of my favourite activities. So I've created a list of things to see and do this Summer!

Recently I Have Been...

30 June 2017

A little round up of the past couple of weeks or so!

Searching for: All the growing wildflowers. I found a large wildflower patch as I was walking around the village and couldn't resist taking loads of photos. We have a few wildflower pots in the garden but my dream is to one day have a garden full of beautiful wildflowers.

An Enthusiasm For Books: Harry Potter

26 June 2017

Something I'd really love to start posting about is books. I haven't really posted about what books I've been reading along with reviews and recommendations. But since starting getting back into reading again I'd really love to start including some of my favourites on the blog! So I thought seeing as it is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, I just couldn't resist starting my book posts with the mention of Harry Potter!

A Slow Lived Summer

21 June 2017

I haven't been posting as much lately, mainly because I've been tackling and stressing over interviews over the past couple of weeks. I thought it would be best just to take a week out of writing so I could focus on other things but also having the time to think up new ideas for this little space on the internet.

A Rainy Days Playlist

15 June 2017

I love listening to music all the time for every occasion. Concentration, road trips, commuting, bad days, good days, baking and so on. But I love those chilled out rainy days and so I decided to create a playlist just for that!

Supermarket Flowers

9 June 2017

I've always wanted to visit a town where they sell bunches of beautiful flowers in an outside market. You know, the ones you see down Columbia Road in London, oh how I would love to walk down the streets of the flower market with an array of colourful bunches and a huge variety of all the types of flowers you could wish for.

Recently I Have Been...

31 May 2017

Here's a little round up of the past week or so!

Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed Oat Cookies

25 May 2017

Back again with another edition of An Enthusiasm For Baking! I am really enjoying getting back into the swing of baking again. I've been struggling with my anxiety again and so baking is something that really helps with relaxation and is my favourite way to chill out away from any stresses or worries. We have a rather small kitchen but I just love when I get the chance to bake with some music playing in the background. The kitchen at the moment is like a greenhouse, the windowsill is overcrowded with seedlings of sunflowers and sweat peas, I'm rather love seeing the colour green in the kitchen!

Life Lately :: Getting Back On Track

11 May 2017

Things have been a little slow lately. A couple of weeks back I posted on Instagram and wrote something on the lines of not having a clear path towards what you want to do and how you can have all the ideas and plans but just not knowing how to go from there onwards. I was surprised to see that I received feedback from others who had also gone through the same sort of feeling.

Learning To Drive With Anxiety

3 May 2017

Driving for the first time was really daunting for me. More so especially if you suffer with anxiety or you are overly nervous about driving.

Recently I Have Been...

28 April 2017

Pink blossom
Here's a little round up of the last couple of weeks or so!

Snapshots In Matlock

24 April 2017

Matlock Town

On a cold, wet, windy and grey Easter Sunday we went out for a drive around the Derbyshire Dales and decided for a little wander around the quaint town of Matlock.

Organising A Simple Spring Wardrobe

19 April 2017

One of my favourite things about Spring is when the weather is just right. A balance between not too cold and not too hot. When the sun is a shining warmth, with a breeze in the air and coolness in the shade.

An Enthusiasm For Baking :: Spring Time Victoria Sponge

11 April 2017

I'm loving getting back into baking again! Especially since baking loads of treats over the colder months, I took a little baking break and now I can't wait to start baking loads more for Spring. Last week I had some spare time to bake and when I looked in the fridge and saw we had a bunch of strawberries that needed to be used up, I thought why not bake a classic Victoria Sponge!

March in Quotes

3 April 2017

Happy April! I can't believe how quickly March flew by, although I feel like I always say this about all the months as they go by.

Recently I have been...

28 March 2017

Here's another little round up of the past couple of weeks or so!

Life Lately :: Thoughts on just going for it

16 March 2017

Having the mentality to just go for it is something I've always struggled with and I've always been one to avoid saying yes to doing the things I've always wanted to do. I used to turn everything down, whether that be due to my anxiety getting in the way or just literally saying no to everything because I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone.

Things to see and do in Spring

8 March 2017

So I think I have established over here that I am excited for Spring! It's pretty odd for me to be excited for the warmer months seeing as I tend to moan about the heat or I just prefer the colder months. But all of a sudden I have grown tired of the cold and I'm fed up of having cold hands and feet all the time. I've been enjoying the sun and going out without having to wear a huge Winter coat! Also Spring is the time for moving away from being stuck inside on cold days wrapped up in so many layers aka hibernation mode. So here are my favourite things to see and do in Spring!

Spring light

1 March 2017

Isn't it lovely to see Spring on it's way? Minus storm Doris which was terrible! I'm glad I only popped out to the shops in the morning because it certainly got worse in the afternoon. There were bins toppled over, rubbish in the streets and flying everywhere and peoples fences falling down. There was even a tree over the road that had completely uprooted and had fallen onto the path towards peoples houses! How did everyone else get on through the storm?

Recently I have been...

22 February 2017

A little round up of the last couple of weeks or so >>

Baking: Lemon drizzle loaf which reminds me of Spring!

Photographing: As many snow drops as I can, they're everywhere I go and they're just so beautiful.

Run Down Winter

15 February 2017

For the entire month of January I felt as though my creativity had just curled up into a ball and went into hibernation mode. Maybe it's because it's still just the start of the new year or maybe because it's still Winter, it's too cold and I'm ready for Spring.

January Favourites

8 February 2017

Finally a favourites post! I can't believe how quick January flew by, it was a pretty busy and hectic month, I have to say. I wanted to start the year with a positive outlook, to start fresh and take on new challenges which I did! I started driving lessons which I knew I would be very nervous about so I'm proud of myself for sticking at it and not giving up even if it feels like it's taking ages to get the hang of it.

An Enthusiasm For Baking - Cheese and Poppy Seed Straws

30 January 2017

An Enthusiasm For Baking is back! I'm so happy to get back into baking again after having really swollen and painful chilblains on my fingers couple of weeks back. Now that my fingers are back to normal I've been making sure to bake at least once or twice a week.

My Winter Morning Routine

26 January 2017

There's just something about Winter mornings that I have always loved. A sheet of frost over the gardens and house roof's glistening in the sun light, a thick fog hiding the houses and the trees in the distance, chilly mornings where a cosy dressing gown and slippers are a must! And not to mention the beautiful colours of the sky when the sun starts to rise with colours of pinks, purples and peaches. It's all just a simple joy of mine.

Recently I have been...

16 January 2017

I was inspired by Rosie's Life Lately (in verbs) post and loved the idea of sharing those little happy moments, so I thought I would share a little round up of the last week or so >>

Reading: Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher. I was given this book as a Christmas gift from my brothers, after reading Billy and Me I just had to put the next book on my Christmas list.

New Year New Goals

9 January 2017

I was planning on publishing my new year goals post on the first day of 2017 but the first week of January wasn't quite how I expected it to be. I've been run down with the dreaded cold again and then a trip to the doctors to be told I have severe chilblains in my fingers. Oh how lovely. I love the Winter but it doesn't seem like my fingers and toes want to agree with me on that one. But I'm slowly getting better, with plenty of cups of tea, soups, warm clothes and a special chilblain cream!