An Enthusiasm For Baking - Cheese and Poppy Seed Straws

30 January 2017

An Enthusiasm For Baking is back! I'm so happy to get back into baking again after having really swollen and painful chilblains on my fingers couple of weeks back. Now that my fingers are back to normal I've been making sure to bake at least once or twice a week.

My Winter Morning Routine

26 January 2017

There's just something about Winter mornings that I have always loved. A sheet of frost over the gardens and house roof's glistening in the sun light, a thick fog hiding the houses and the trees in the distance, chilly mornings where a cosy dressing gown and slippers are a must! And not to mention the beautiful colours of the sky when the sun starts to rise with colours of pinks, purples and peaches. It's all just a simple joy of mine.

Recently I have been...

16 January 2017

I was inspired by Rosie's Life Lately (in verbs) post and loved the idea of sharing those little happy moments, so I thought I would share a little round up of the last week or so >>

Reading: Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher. I was given this book as a Christmas gift from my brothers, after reading Billy and Me I just had to put the next book on my Christmas list.

New Year New Goals

9 January 2017

I was planning on publishing my new year goals post on the first day of 2017 but the first week of January wasn't quite how I expected it to be. I've been run down with the dreaded cold again and then a trip to the doctors to be told I have severe chilblains in my fingers. Oh how lovely. I love the Winter but it doesn't seem like my fingers and toes want to agree with me on that one. But I'm slowly getting better, with plenty of cups of tea, soups, warm clothes and a special chilblain cream!