My Winter Morning Routine

26 January 2017

There's just something about Winter mornings that I have always loved. A sheet of frost over the gardens and house roof's glistening in the sun light, a thick fog hiding the houses and the trees in the distance, chilly mornings where a cosy dressing gown and slippers are a must! And not to mention the beautiful colours of the sky when the sun starts to rise with colours of pinks, purples and peaches. It's all just a simple joy of mine.

I start my mornings by getting up early, so that I feel more refreshed and able to give myself more time to fully wake up. Even if I haven't got much going on in the day I still make sure that I get up roughly around the same time each day to give me plenty of time to get ready rather than having no time at all and spending the morning rushing around the house. I usually spend around an hour just to feel relaxed, either sat in the living room (which then I'll usually have one of the cats waiting for me to sit on my lap). Or I'll stay in my room for a bit, pop the fairy lights on and open up the curtains to let in some more light.

A simple cup of tea helps to wake me up a bit and warm me up, especially if it's a chilly morning. I like to be cosy (not too much so that I fall back to sleep!) whilst I have a quick flick through Twitter and Instagram then check my feed on Bloglovin' to catch up on any blog posts that I haven't read yet. I like to look for some inspiration to start my day, especially if I have plans to write and shoot for my blog. Not to mention having a look over on Pinterest to add some inspiration to my boards!

After breakfast which varies from day to day, a bowl of porridge is a must have if it's cold and I'm in need of some added extra energy for the day! My skincare takes a little longer in the Winter because I suffer with sensitive and dry skin so I always leave plenty of time to be ready and clean along with make up and hair sorted.

After choosing the outfit for the day I get out my notepad or journal and write out a to-do list for the day. It could simply be a few little things for the day such as finish writing a blog post or a reminder for a driving lesson. I find it so much more easier if I write out all my plans for the day so then I can keep on track and tick things off when I've done them. I'll also jot down a few ideas I've had from the night before or anything I've found interesting whilst reading other blogs.


What's your Winter morning



  1. I need to get into a proper routine but mine (on a good day) consists of getting up and watching a youtube video, then breakfast, a meditate and then quite often finishing off a bit of a blog post or checking my to do list for the day

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Meditating sounds good! I might start getting into yoga just to relax my mind and relaxed for the day!


  2. lovely post,I read some of your posts and immediatly followed you on Bloglovin' also we have similar blogs/ytb channels that inspire us x