Organising A Simple Spring Wardrobe

19 April 2017

One of my favourite things about Spring is when the weather is just right. A balance between not too cold and not too hot. When the sun is a shining warmth, with a breeze in the air and coolness in the shade.

I don't really talk much about fashion on the blog, but lately I've been planning out how I organise my wardrobe and thought I'd share! When it comes down to my style, personally I love my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I love wearing chunky knit jumpers, cosy Winter coats and lace up ankle boots. I used to have more Winter clothes than Summer but now I've managed to balance it out. But what I love about Spring weather is being able to dress for both coolness and warmth. I love being able to layer up my outfit with pieces that can be taken off throughout the day as it gets warmer and not having to carry around a huge Winter coat all day if the sun comes out!

I don't have the biggest wardrobe of all. In my teens I used to have mountains of clothes in my wardrobe. I'd buy so many clothes that some of which never even got worn or was only worn once to an occasion. I used to walk into so many shops and just buy the items of clothing I thought at the time I think would look great only to put them into my wardrobe not to be worn maybe once or twice. Or I'd buy an outfit only to see myself going back to the clothes I already had in my wardrobe!

So that's when I came to the decision of sticking to some sort of minimal/capsule wardrobe, with clothing that I would wear, would last longer and could mix and match throughout all of the seasons.

Since getting rid of my huge wardrobe, and when I say huge I mean it took up half of the space in my tiny room! Last year was when I decided to change it for an open wardrobe, which not only is it the perfect size for my room but it is also perfect for keeping my clothes on display in a good order. Maybe at some point when I have my own place I might consider going back to a regular sized wardrobe, but for now I'm happy with giving myself some more space to work.

Trench coat :: New Look  Slogan tee :: TopShop (similar) Camo Jacket :: TopShop (similar)

When I had my large wardrobe I wasn't too fussed about what order my clothes were in seeing as they were closed away. But now that my clothes are on an open wardrobe I think it's so much more easier to keep organised. In the Spring the neutrals come to the front of the rail and the darker colours move to the back. Anything that is definitely more for Winter like huge woolly scarves for example, I'll take off the rail and put away in one of my bedside cabinet drawers.

My current go to Spring outfit is a light knit jumper paired with light denim ripped jeans, a lightweight jacket and of course my (nearly) white pair of converse. Or a simple slogan or print tee, my favourite Baxter jeans and a longline trench coat/mac with either ankle boots or converse.

What's your current go to Spring outfit?


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