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28 April 2017

Pink blossom
Here's a little round up of the last couple of weeks or so!

Watching: The new season of New Girl which I am so happy to see back on tv! Also First Dates which I heard Liv from 'What Olivia Did' mention over on Twitter and I am totally loving this show, some of the stories are just so lovely! How sweet were Sarah and Phil together!?

Avoiding: Sorting through all the files on my laptop. Hands up who else has so many random files on their computer? I have so many full of so many photos and documents and whenever I say I'm going to sort through it I take one look and I just can't bring myself to do it. It has to be done at some point though!

Baking: Cranberry and pumpkin seed cookies with white chocolate drizzled on top. I used a Mary Berry oat cookies recipe and decided to use some different ingredients and I must say these cookies were absolutely delicious. I think I'll definitely share the recipe on the blog at some point!

Finding: All the bluebells around the village and around the local church grounds. I also found the biggest cherry blossom tree (pictured above) which I just couldn't resist stopping to take a load of photos!

Practising: Some new songs on my acoustic guitar. I'm loving getting back into playing the guitar again rather than letting it gather dust in the corner of my room.

Jotting: Down lots of ideas for new posts and projects. For once I actually have a notebook that has lots of ideas written down in. Last week was when I decided that I wanted to become more productive and start planning ahead rather than leaving everything to the last minute.

Purchasing: Some new stationary. Sainsbury's home and stationary range at the moment is absolutely gorgeous and when I saw that there were some offers on stationary I just couldn't resist! I bought some marble and rose gold paper clips in a glass jar and a new notebook on offer for 60p each. That's right 60p!

Growing: Wildflowers in the garden. I had a pack of wildflowers and I've decided to sprinkled the seeds around the garden and already I've started to see some growing! Can't wait to see what flowers start to bloom!

Pinning: Lots of Spring fashion ideas. Although I'm trying to keep my wardrobe to a good size and only choosing items that I know I'm definitely going to wear, I'm looking to add a few more Spring/Summer pieces to my wardrobe. And also thinking about adding some more colour to my wardrobe rather than my usual neutrals!

Focusing: On my driving lessons with my new instructor. I had a bad driving lesson two weeks back and things didn't go too well with my previous instructor. I've decided to change driving schools and I'm feeling more confident with my new instructor so I'm staying focused on building my confidence and also going to start practising more for the theory test.

What have you been up to


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