Snapshots In Matlock

24 April 2017

Matlock Town

On a cold, wet, windy and grey Easter Sunday we went out for a drive around the Derbyshire Dales and decided for a little wander around the quaint town of Matlock.

It's an old town situated on the edge of the Peak District and the town itself is on a high level ground surrounded by hills. Whilst this side of Matlock there many shops that appeal to my liking (they're very old and if you love fish and chips then there's plenty to choose from) the scenery is definitely worth visiting for.

We were originally planning on going up on the cable cars to the Heights of Abraham, which out of all the times we've visited Matlock we've never actually been up there. However as we walked on down to the cable car station, we stood for a while watching as they climbed up slowly above the town and disappearing beneath the trees and up into the hills.

I think we were all secretly too scared to go on the cable cars, after watching them go up and down a couple of times that's when we decided to turn away from the station but blaming it on the weather being rubbish. I have to admit though I'm not the biggest fan of cable cars, but maybe next time, "when the weather is better"!

So instead we decided to grab a coffee and some chips and head off for a wander around the town streets and take some snaps of the beautiful rows of houses along the higher paths and across the bridges over the river Derwent. With the trees bursting with green leaves and the ripples of the river water gently swashing in the wind.

Although the sky was grey and it started to drizzle with rain, the place was alive with greenery and the occasional splash of pinks and whites of the blossom trees.

Have you ever been to Matlock before?


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