A Rainy Days Playlist

15 June 2017

I love listening to music all the time for every occasion. Concentration, road trips, commuting, bad days, good days, baking and so on. But I love those chilled out rainy days and so I decided to create a playlist just for that!

Now although we've had some pretty good weather so far this Spring. As we all know, Britain is known for a lot of rain all year round. But I do love to appreciate a good rainy day. I love the calming sound of the rain against the windows, the smell of freshness in the air and the thought of the rain cleansing my mind and mood.

For this playlist I've included some tracks of old and new of all genres. 'Sign of the Times' was an absolute must for chill out and an acoustic version of 'Shape of You', because a rainy day isn't complete without acoustics, especially from Ed! It's been raining almost none stop since Monday and when I'm at home there's nothing I love more than to work on my laptop with a cup of tea by my side, listening to a rainy days playlist playing in the background...

What are your favourite songs
to listen to on a
rainy day?


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