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11 May 2017

Things have been a little slow lately. A couple of weeks back I posted on Instagram and wrote something on the lines of not having a clear path towards what you want to do and how you can have all the ideas and plans but just not knowing how to go from there onwards. I was surprised to see that I received feedback from others who had also gone through the same sort of feeling.

For me I think this all started back when I just had no idea what I wanted to do after leaving school. Looking back at when we were given our GCSE choices and then A Level choices, I thought and thought about them both going through every single subject to decide which were the best for me. In the end I of course chose the creative arts subjects because one thing I did know was that being a part of the creative arts was something that I had a big passion for.

I've never had one set plan. I've always had so many ideas but I either didn't pursue them or I just didn't know how to take those ideas any further. I've also changed career plans so many times! I can't even tell you how many times I've changed my mind over what career I wanted to go into! At first my heart was set on becoming a professional photographer then suddenly actress came out of nowhere! Followed by art teacher, drama teacher and interior designer. Creativity was definitely the pattern so of course I knew creativity was all I was looking for.


'Some day we will find what we are looking for. Or maybe we won't, maybe we will find something much greater than that.'

My path is still unclear at the moment, I'm not really sure what direction to take with my creativity. But this year I'm trying to look at things in a different perspective by making a few little changes. Sometimes the worst that can happen is that I can become caught up in feeling like I'm waiting around forever just for something to come up. But rather than over worrying about not having a clear path, sometimes you just have to take each day as it comes, work hard and know that what you are looking for will come up at some point. So I have a few ideas that I try to keep in mind when I feel like things are going a bit slow and I'm wanting to get back on track:

:: Keep working towards your goals.

:: Focus and enjoy what you are working on now.

:: Keep making connections online and join in more with the online community. Last year was when I discovered all of these Twitter chats and I think they're such a great way to chat with fellow bloggers and creatives and really get to know each other. It's also a great way for getting your work out there, sharing your ideas and passions!

:: Take some time to recharge, wind down and take some mindful minutes. Zoe's 'Winding Down & Mindful Minutes' video from last year has some really great tips for taking some 'me' time away from any stress or anxiety. I know that sometimes I can think in order to get to where I want to be I have to over work which causes even more stress. So just taking the time to have some time away from working can be really helpful to getting you back on track!

:: Write out a plan with to do lists throughout the week. I can't believe how much more clear my weeks have become now that I am starting to write out a weekly plan. I used to just go into each week without a plan for what I wanted to do that week. I now set out my week with days and times when I am free to shoot photos, edit and write out any blog posts that need to be completed. I'm finding it so much more easier!

What ideas do you have to help you get back on track?


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