Recently I Have Been...

30 June 2017

A little round up of the past couple of weeks or so!

Searching for: All the growing wildflowers. I found a large wildflower patch as I was walking around the village and couldn't resist taking loads of photos. We have a few wildflower pots in the garden but my dream is to one day have a garden full of beautiful wildflowers.

An Enthusiasm For Books: Harry Potter

26 June 2017

Something I'd really love to start posting about is books. I haven't really posted about what books I've been reading along with reviews and recommendations. But since starting getting back into reading again I'd really love to start including some of my favourites on the blog! So I thought seeing as it is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, I just couldn't resist starting my book posts with the mention of Harry Potter!

A Slow Lived Summer

21 June 2017

I haven't been posting as much lately, mainly because I've been tackling and stressing over interviews over the past couple of weeks. I thought it would be best just to take a week out of writing so I could focus on other things but also having the time to think up new ideas for this little space on the internet.

A Rainy Days Playlist

15 June 2017

I love listening to music all the time for every occasion. Concentration, road trips, commuting, bad days, good days, baking and so on. But I love those chilled out rainy days and so I decided to create a playlist just for that!

Supermarket Flowers

9 June 2017

I've always wanted to visit a town where they sell bunches of beautiful flowers in an outside market. You know, the ones you see down Columbia Road in London, oh how I would love to walk down the streets of the flower market with an array of colourful bunches and a huge variety of all the types of flowers you could wish for.