A Slow Lived Summer

21 June 2017

I haven't been posting as much lately, mainly because I've been tackling and stressing over interviews over the past couple of weeks. I thought it would be best just to take a week out of writing so I could focus on other things but also having the time to think up new ideas for this little space on the internet.

After going through such a rough time with my anxiety last year. This year I thought rather than getting myself so worked up about not having any set plans or direction, I decided to take each day as it comes and not rush or stress over every tiny detail. So far this year there have been a few ups and downs with my anxiety. I know myself that my anxiety will probably never go away. But I know what the triggers are and what sets off my anxiety. Over the past couple of years I've learnt how to control parts of it and know what's best to take my mind off of anything that's been worrying me.

I've decided to start a slow lived Summer this year. I've had a couple of Summers that have been rather hectic which haven't been great for my anxiety. So this Summer is all about being more mindful, with a more calmer and relaxed outlook and focusing on working towards my goals and achievements without adding any pressure.

As you may know already I am not the biggest fan of Summer! Although I love the sunny weather I have always been an Autumn person. But I thought that over the next couple of Summer months it would be a good idea to create a new series of posts and share what I'll be doing throughout my slow lived Summer. I'm also off to Cornwall this Summer holidays and I'll be sharing my adventures discovering beaches and shopping around the coastal towns!

What plans do you have for this Summer?


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