Recently I Have Been...

30 June 2017

A little round up of the past couple of weeks or so!

Searching for: All the growing wildflowers. I found a large wildflower patch as I was walking around the village and couldn't resist taking loads of photos. We have a few wildflower pots in the garden but my dream is to one day have a garden full of beautiful wildflowers.

Singing to: The new Imagine Dragons album and also listening to Lorde who I have been playing on repeat since watching her performance at Glastonbury!

Missing: Our oldest rescue cat Polo who we sadly had to say goodbye to at the beginning of June. He was 20 and his old age was really starting to cause health problems for him. But he had such a wonderful life with us and even though it's sad not seeing him around I'm just so happy that we were able to give him such a lovely home.

Watching: The last few episodes of Once Upon A Time which has to be my favourite series to watch on Netflix. If you watch OUAT then you will also know that some of the main characters won't be returning to the new season which I'm so sad about! Although I'm rather excited to see what happens after the last closing scene...

Baking: Gooey, fudgy, chocolatey brownies which were so delicious!

Planning: What places to visit when I go to Cornwall in the Summer holidays. I'm off to Tintagel which is such a beautiful place. If anyone has any recommended places to visit around that area I would love to hear!

Deciding: What books I should read next. I have a couple in mind so I might just have to buy a collection of books and start reading this Summer!

Wearing: Jumpers again! It seems like Summer has gone into hiding whilst it's been raining for a couple of days now. We've gone from around 30C to around 12C which rather cool for Summer. But I'm loving having a bit of a break from the hot weather, although I would love some sunshine for when I visit Cornwall.

Improving: Each time I have a driving lesson. I just can't believe how much I have gained so much confidence since the first time I started driving lessons. Also, since changing driving instructor I have felt more comfortable and happy about driving!

What have you been up to recently?


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