Supermarket Flowers

9 June 2017

I've always wanted to visit a town where they sell bunches of beautiful flowers in an outside market. You know, the ones you see down Columbia Road in London, oh how I would love to walk down the streets of the flower market with an array of colourful bunches and a huge variety of all the types of flowers you could wish for.

Unfortunately my town doesn't have a huge flower market. We have the occasional guy who has his own small stand of flowers, as beautiful as they may be, there's nothing quite like the flower markets you see in the streets of London and the other bigger cities.

I buy my bunches of flowers from the supermarkets. Although there may not be the biggest selection of flowers, you can still find some of the best bunches for a cheaper price. You could even create your own bigger bunch by buying a selection of the smaller bunches or buying a bunch of Baby's Breath to add more to the bunch you already have. In the Spring I'll always go for a small bunch of daffodils or tulips which you can usually get for a pound or two and if looked after properly they will usually last a week! In the Summer months I will choose a range of bunches like this beautiful Rose and Iris posy or Sweet Williams, Carnations and loads more (I'm not the best with flower names but I'm learning each time I buy a new bunch!).

Lately I have been loving all pink flowers. Maybe it's because I've been adding more pinks and blushes to my wardrobe, but I just love the look of pink flowers against a white wall and white furniture.

My room is never without a bunch of flowers. Because I do have a lot of white, a splash of colour from a bunch of flowers really makes a big difference, especially in the Spring/Summer months, it's just nice to add some bright and fresh flowers to a room. I usually place my flowers in a spare jar from either a pasta sauce jar or a coffee jar. But I decided to buy a small vase which I found in Sainsbury's which is the perfect size and shape for all bunches of flowers. I place the vase on my bedside table where they aren't in direct sunlight and I've been trying to pay more attention to looking after flowers by spraying them occasionally with water, picking off dead leaves and trimming the stems.

I can't wait to visit a huge flower market one day. But for now I love my supermarket flowers.

Where do you buy your flowers
and have you ever been to
a flower market?


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