White Chocolate & Pistachio Rocky Road

26 July 2017

I've been a bit slow posting over the past couple of weeks which I mentioned in my previous post. I lost a bit of motivation and couldn't find any new inspiration for what to write and photograph but after a weeks break I think I'm getting back into the swing of things again! The other week I thinking how I haven't shared a baking post in ages. I had a couple of baking fails in the last could of days, I tried a millionaires shortbread but burnt the caramel, I tried it the second time with ready made caramel but realised it was for a banoffee filling so the caramel didn't set at all!

Life Lately & Wild Inspiration

19 July 2017

It feels like it's been ages since I last shared a post on here, although it has only been a week's break! The quietness is mainly because lately things have been a little slow. It's all been stressing out over job interviews, filling out applications and lots of researching.

Slow Lived Summer: Things To See & Do

5 July 2017

As part of my slow lived Summer, I want to spend this Summer focusing on doing things that make me feel happy and relaxed. It's been a stressful couple of weeks as I've been racing around going to different job interviews each week, which I've been getting myself worked up about them causing my anxiety levels to increase.

The last thing I want to do this Summer is to feel anxious and stressed out. Usually when I feel that way I make sure I can take my mind off of anything that's worrying me buy doing some of my favourite activities. So I've created a list of things to see and do this Summer!