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19 July 2017

It feels like it's been ages since I last shared a post on here, although it has only been a week's break! The quietness is mainly because lately things have been a little slow. It's all been stressing out over job interviews, filling out applications and lots of researching.

I have had quite a bit of spare time, which I thought would be a great chance to start planning some new content for the blog and attempting to sort through the millions of photos on my laptop to start building up a photography portfolio. But instead I just had no motivation and a lack of inspiration for anything creative. And just like most of the time, I started to get myself stressed out about it.

So instead of forcing myself to get a post written out or edit some photos, which I've done on many occasions and it just doesn't work. Last Thursday I packed a small bag with an umbrella as the clouds were looking grey, a water bottle and my camera with a full percent battery (for once) and my brother and I set off through one of the nearby nature trails that I haven't walked all the way through in years.


It's not the biggest nature trail of all, although that does depend on how fast you walk and how long you want to spend exploring through the trees and wandering through the hidden paths. I love walking through nature trails in the Summer. The paths are much smaller from the wild overgrown plants and you're bound to find so much wildlife awake around you. We spotted two huge dragonflies, which were racing each other through the trees. Lots of bee's and butterflies pollinating flowers, and birds swooping through the tallest of the trees.

There was a little wildflower meadow which I read that had been planted by the local Brownie's. It was just beautiful. The golden grasses glistening in the sunlight, and so many daisies dancing in the breeze. I've just never seen so many daisies before! I also spotted a little hand made wildlife home, which I'd love to have a go at making my own at some point for the garden.

If there's one thing I can always rely on to find inspiration again, it's the great outdoors. Amongst the trees and flowers where all the wild things are.

Where do you find inspiration?


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