A Slow Lived Summer :: Mindful Moments

18 August 2017

So far my Summer hasn't been completely stress free. I haven't really been sticking to a routine like I usually do. I've been slow at posting and my mind has just been elsewhere. But minus all the stress and trying to get my motivation back, I've been trying to do things a little bit differently this Summer. Deciding to take things more slowly and appreciate the littlest things in each day.

Snapshots In Chatsworth Gardens

9 August 2017

A couple of weeks back we decided to go and visit Chatsworth Gardens which is located in the Peak District. I'm a little late posting this one but I thought I'd share a couple of snapshots I took whilst wandering around the beautiful gardens.

I was amazed at just how beautiful the gardens were. I never expected the grounds to spread out so far and for there to be so much to discover. There's 105 acres of Chatsworth Gardens to explore, with fountains, sculptures, Victorian rock gardens, a maze, waterfalls and many trails to wander around. It's the perfect way to spend a slow lived Summer's day.

Recently I Have Been...

2 August 2017

Recently I have been...

Walking: Around Chatsworth House gardens in the Peak District. I just couldn't believe how beautiful the place was. There were rose gardens, waterfalls, fountains, even a maze to get lost in! And the most amazing rocky gardens with hidden paths and tall trees. We also took a quick browse around the farm shop which had the most colourful range of fruits and vegetables.