A Slow Lived Summer :: Mindful Moments

18 August 2017

So far my Summer hasn't been completely stress free. I haven't really been sticking to a routine like I usually do. I've been slow at posting and my mind has just been elsewhere. But minus all the stress and trying to get my motivation back, I've been trying to do things a little bit differently this Summer. Deciding to take things more slowly and appreciate the littlest things in each day.

When I think about mindfulness, I think of it in terms of how I would go about taking time out to de-stress and wind down if I've been struggling with anxiety or for when things get too much and I just need time to slow down and take a break. Over the past couple of months I have definitely began to appreciate taking a break and knowing when it's needed.

So I thought I'd share some of my favourite mindful moments throughout a slow lived Summer.


I love to embrace early starts, even if I haven't got any plans for the day. I will usually get up between 7-8am and head downstairs to pop the kettle on. The thing I love most about getting up earlier in the mornings is that it's quiet and calm. I'll also open the curtains wide to let the soft early morning light through into the room. I like to spend my slow mornings catching up on some blog posts to read or find some inspiration to pin to my boards on Pinterest. And not to mention grabbing a pen and notebook to jot down any ideas I might have for any of my own posts or photography.


My all time favourite way to slow down, especially in the evenings, is to read a book. Getting stuck into a good book is one of my favourite ways to spend some time away from a screen. It's probably the only time I'm not tempted to be on my phone, flicking through Twitter and Instagram every 10 minutes or so. I love to pop all the fairy lights on in the evenings and be transported to another world for a couple of hours or so with a cosy blanket. Bliss!


Over the past couple of months or so I have grown to enjoy being outdoors and have tried to spend as much time adventuring away from the house every now and then. I have also noticed that my anxiety seems to be at ease when I'm somewhere that I can focus on what's around me, rather than overthinking about everything that's been running through my mind. I love being amongst the trees, walking beside lakes and spotting as many wildflowers as I can as well as looking out for any wildlife such as dragonflies, butterflies and bees.


Baking in the colder months will always be my favourite time of seasonal baking, with the warmth of the oven and the smells of gingerbread spices throughout the kitchen, it's such a cosy atmosphere on a cold day. But I always find time to bake throughout the warmer months. I love baking with fruit in the Summer, so that means pavlovas are a definite must! I love digging out some of my favourite recipe books or having a look through Pinterest for any recipes to make that will be perfect for Summer. It's also the perfect time to bake some snacks or treats to take out with you on trips and journeys such as flapjacks, rocky roads and scones which are perfect for picnics!


Summer is the season of beautiful blooms and it's the perfect time of the year to go out and take some cuttings from the garden to display around the house. I find it such a relaxing activity to do throughout the Summer. I love going out and collecting flowers from the garden and arranging them in old jars that have been washed out thoroughly and the labels taken off. Lavender is known for it's calming fragrance, so the other week I gathered a bunch of lavender from the garden and placed in a jar decorated with twine to put on the bedside table or at the windowsill.

What are your favourite ways to
slow down in the Summer?


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