Recently I Have Been...

2 August 2017

Recently I have been...

Walking: Around Chatsworth House gardens in the Peak District. I just couldn't believe how beautiful the place was. There were rose gardens, waterfalls, fountains, even a maze to get lost in! And the most amazing rocky gardens with hidden paths and tall trees. We also took a quick browse around the farm shop which had the most colourful range of fruits and vegetables.

Re-reading: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. I bought the Gryffindor house edition for the 20th anniversary celebration and I couldn't resist reading it again!

Drinking: Cups of tea whilst editing blog posts.

Wearing: Jumpers and cardigans because the weather has been up and down so far this Summer.

Adventuring: Through the woodland trails. It felt refreshing to be out of the house after struggling with a bit of stress over the past couple of weeks. Going out for walks has always been so helpful for when you need to take a break from everything every once in a while.

Photographing: Lots of landscape and nature shots which I've been really getting into this Summer!

Loving: Listening to the rain in the evenings with the windows open and the fairy lights on.

Dreaming: About moving away and living somewhere with mountains, lakes and forests of tall trees.

Baking: White chocolate, sour cherry & pistachio rocky road which you can find the recipe to here.

Planting: Apple tree seeds once again. This is my 3rd attempt this year...

Watching: Pretty Little Liars. I started the series a couple of months back after hearing so many people talk about it on Twitter. I loved Gossip Girl and PLL was one of the recommendations on Netflix so I thought I'd give it ago. I just finally caught up and watched the last episode a few days which I have to say I'm not sure what to think about the ending but I definitely loved the whole show!

Wishlisting: A yellow raincoat, a new backpack for adventuring and holding camera equipment in, ankle wellies and a new selection of books to carry on reading over the Summer and into Autumn!

What have you been up to recently?

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