Finding Magic In Tintagel

8 September 2017

I have been longing for a new adventure away from home. A break away to refresh and a chance to de-stress after an up and down couple of months. I don't get to travel as much as I'd love to, so whilst I was on holiday with the family in Cornwall last week, it was the perfect opportunity to go out and explore the wonders of the Cornish coast and countryside.

We stayed in Tintagel, which is a village located on the Atlantic coast of North Cornwall. The village of Tintagel and the remains of the Tintagel Castle is associated with the Legend of King Arthur, and being a huge fan of the Merlin series and all things magical and mythical you can probably just imagine how excited I was to go off and adventure around the legendary parts of Tintagel!

We've been to Tintagel many times growing up. We didn't visit the castle this time but we explored the rocky paths of the headlands and also a wander down to Merlin's Cave just below the ruins of the castle. We took a walk along the Barras Nose National Trust trail, which takes you out towards the cliffs of Tintagel, where you can get a wonderful view of the remains of the castle and the beach below.

We walked along the rocky paths towards the headland of Barras Nose, stopping every so often to take in the beautiful views of the coast. Listening to the waves crash against the shore and watching people wandering about Merlin's Cove as the tide had gone out revealing the small stretch of sand and shingle beach. We wandered down the heather-strewn cliff paths, I of course lingered behind, foraging and collecting the delicate wildflowers along the paths that hid in-between the rocks. Once we reached the end of our part of the Barras Nose trail, we headed towards the castle gift shops and cafĂ©. Then made out way down the steps towards Merlin's Cove/Tintagel Haven to explore the wonders of the cave and watch the calmness of the waterfall running down the rocks.

If you ever visit North Cornwall, then I definitely recommend visiting Tintagel and the surrounding areas. The views from the cliffs, the ruins of the castle and the association with the Legend of King Arthur, just everything about Tintagel unfolds so much magic and mystery!


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