It's a Cosy Autumn

22 October 2017

There's always been something so special about October and the rest of the Autumn season. It's my favourite season of all, what with October being my birthday month which I celebrated last Tuesday! And the celebration of Halloween at the end of the month and Bonfire Night in November. The nights are drawing in much earlier and the leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground more frequently, leaving behind a crunchy golden path to wander through. How we're nearly at the end of October already I don't know, this month seems to be flying by so quickly!

Oreo Acorn Truffles

13 October 2017

I haven't shared a baking post in ages and one of my goals for this Autumn is to get back into some sort of a baking routine and share more recipes on the blog! For me, I've always found baking to be very relaxing and to be the perfect stress buster, unless something goes wrong like the cake has sunk or the biscuits have merged (which happened last week, oops!), but other than a few baking fails I've always felt much more better when I'm out in the kitchen baking!

Recently I Have Been...

4 October 2017

Recently I have been...

Walking: Through the church grounds on my way back home where the paths are beginning to be covered in a sea of golden Autumn leaves.

Watching: Great British Bake Off. I miss Mary Berry, Mel and Sue, but as always I love the show for the baking challenges each week!