It's a Cosy Autumn

22 October 2017

There's always been something so special about October and the rest of the Autumn season. It's my favourite season of all, what with October being my birthday month which I celebrated last Tuesday! And the celebration of Halloween at the end of the month and Bonfire Night in November. The nights are drawing in much earlier and the leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground more frequently, leaving behind a crunchy golden path to wander through. How we're nearly at the end of October already I don't know, this month seems to be flying by so quickly!

What I love most of all about Autumn is that it's the beginning of the colder cosy months and being able to fully embrace hygge and those slow lived moments. At the start of Autumn and as soon as the temperature starts to drop, I'll gather and bring out the Autumn homeware. Soft knitted throws to cosy up to, warm glow fairy lights to wrap around the bedframe or placed on the bedside table, cushions with Autumnal prints, brushed cotton duvet covers for those chilly nights, bringing in foraged conkers, acorns and leaves to decorate the windowsill and of course munchkin pumpkins which are my favourite way to create an Autumn display.

The Summer clothes are put away until next year and the cosy Autumn fashion takes over. Layering up for walks out in the fresh crisp Autumn air. Chunky oversized jumpers, checkered shirts, soft patterned scarves and lace up boots. Not to mention cosy loungewear and pyjamas because there's nothing like coming back home after a long day or working at home and changing into comfy pyjama bottoms and a chunky knit jumper!

The rainy Autumn days are my favourite for baking and working on some writing. I love to spend time in the kitchen to bake with the calming sound of the rain falling onto the window and listening to some music or a podcast in the background. And popping the kettle on in the afternoon for a cup of tea or an indulgent hot chocolate for a treat whilst I type away on my laptop.

The evenings become the cosiest of all, especially when it starts to get darker at around 6pm. I'll pop the fairy lights on and place a candle in a jar or lantern for that extra cosy relaxed atmosphere. I love to spend those quiet moments in the evenings with a good book to read, my favourite being the Harry Potter books. With the festive feasts in the hall, enchanted floating candles and pumpkins and the way Hogwarts is described throughout the seasons just makes Autumn itself even more magical. Also catching up with some tv series, Gilmore Girls being my new favourite to cosy up to in the evenings! Autumn is such the perfect time for embracing the cosiness this season brings.

What do you love most
about the cosiness of Autumn?


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