Autumn In Film & Moving Into Winter

29 November 2017

I had been meaning to use my Olympus OM-10 which once belonged to my Grandad. It hasn't been used in so many years, and when I saw that it had been left in the loft in its camera bag gathering dust, I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at using a roll of 35mm colour film and take the camera for a test run around the parks and nature trails. I was inspired to go out and take some photos after reading Carrie (Adventures in Film - Part #1) and Amber's (35mm Diaries) posts, who have both used a 35mm camera and I really loved the outcome from their photos!

I've never used a 35mm SLR film camera before, I was a little unsure about using the Olympus as I was pretty certain it wasn't going to work. But surprisingly enough I opened my Boots photo package to a couple of lovely Autumnal scenes! Some were slightly under exposed and a little bit out of focus, but there were a couple that turned out better than I had expected, especially since the camera hasn't been used in such a long time!

I never got the chance to meet my Grandad who owned this camera, as he passed away before I was born. He loved painting and photography, some of which is hanging up in my Gran's house of painted sunsets and wildlife. I'm guessing this is where I got my love for art and photography, in fact both sides of the family have artistic flairs as my other Grandad loved to draw! It's nice to find out little things about relatives who shared the same love for creativity.

I'm really hoping for some snow this Winter, we only had a few flurries of snow last Saturday morning which was lovely to see. But it didn't set, as the ground was too wet from the rain earlier on that morning. Being in the Midlands we're not always guaranteed snow, but it's always nice to see a sheet of snow across the lawns and upon the roof tops which just adds that extra bit of magic for Winter.

I'll definitely have to pick up another roll of film to use throughout Winter. The landscapes are already changing with plenty of bare trees and frosty morning paths. It can be so tempting to stay indoors away from the icy temperatures, but with my love for the great outdoors I'm looking forward to wrapping up in warm layers and adventuring through the trails and parks in the Winter season.


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