Autumn Wanderings & A Little Catch Up

10 November 2017

There's nothing like a walk through the nature trails or the woods in Autumn. I love going for walks all year round but Autumn has always been my favourite time for a wander. Especially when the air is so crisp and fresh, the leaves golden and dancing in the breeze, spotting all the wild berries, mushrooms and wildlife. I find it so peaceful and relaxing, it's just so nice to spend some time away from the house and embrace the season of Autumn. It's nice to be away from everything, away from all my recent worries and away from the stress and anxiety I've been trying my best to keep at bay.

I feel like it's been ages since I last shared a chatty/thoughts type post but I have to admit that the last couple of months have been rather exhausting. With days where I'll feel completely fine and on track with everything. Then the next, it all takes a turn and I'm back at square one again, letting stress and anxiety take over me and everything that I do.

Back in Spring I was going through the same thing, I was worrying myself about not having a clear path to what I want to do career wise and I started comparing myself to others. I kind of managed to get past all of that by getting my motivation back and just trying to stay on track with everything. But then it all came back when towards the end of Summer I had been stressing over job applications and receiving a bunch of unsuccessful phone calls from interviews that I had got my hopes up high for. Everything was getting on top of me again, causing my anxiety to make me constantly overthink about everything. I began to have those days again where I was feeling rubbish about not having things planned out and feeling like I wasn't good enough for anything and I got into that whole whirlpool of self doubt.

It all got a bit too much. But I didn't want to start feeling rubbish again, I didn't want to keep feeling like I haven't got it all worked out and I didn't want to fall back into feeling low all the time.

After listening to a bunch of inspiring podcasts about others who had been going through the same thing with self doubt and comparison, last month I decided that I wanted to get myself back into a routine again. I've always liked having a routine and starting the week off with some sort of plan. Even if it's the smallest of plans like deciding what days to work on the blog or what days I'm going to go into town and days I'd like to bake. I just wanted to balance everything out with keeping on top of applications and keeping up with my creative work.

I've been trying my hardest to keep a positive mind-set which I think has been doing the trick. And after what has been an up and down few months, things are slowly starting to pick up. I had a couple of recent interviews, one which was successful. I'm hoping to keep the positivity going. Sometimes you can't help having those down days, so I've been making sure to take breaks when needed for whenever things get too much, I take time out for mindful moments and reminding myself to take each day as it comes.

I'm also embracing the rest of Autumn, visiting places with the family and finding new walking routes around the village. I'm looking forward to Winter which is certainly on it's way with these cold temperatures and frosty mornings, but I still want Autumn to stay around for just that little bit longer!

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