A Wander In The Snow

17 December 2017

It's not often we get snow for Winter. If and when we do, it's usually rain followed by flurries of snow or snow setting in the morning and melting away by the afternoon. But when we get a thick sheet of snow like this, it's such a treat and I just couldn't wait to get out and take some photos around the nature trails.

I was checking my phone for weather updates all last week, seeing the little snow symbol for the weekend and hearing on the news that we were forecast snow. Last week, I looked out on Saturday night and saw tiny flurries of snow falling from the sky and starting to settle. I woke up early on the Sunday morning to find the whole street had turned into a Winter wonderland.

I spent a slow morning, watching the snow fall from my bedroom window whilst drinking a cup of tea and warming my legs by the radiator. It was so peaceful and soothing just watching the snow dancing down from the sky. I've just never truly appreciated just how calming the snow can be. I decided on a cosy day indoors and planned on adventuring through the nature trails the next morning.

It had snowed for most of last Sunday, so when I opened my curtains the next morning, the snow was still settled. The weather was forecast sun in the afternoon so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out and take some photos before it would melt away. It was so nice to see one of the fields not too far away from the house had been hardly touched, with just a few boot and paw prints across the snow. And how it was so beautiful to see how this one Autumn tree of warm tones against the snow dusted trees beside it.

It was only last month that this little path was covered in a sea of golden leaves. It's a small hidden path that takes you towards the canal at the back of the field. With the snow covering the path and the trees, it reminded me of a secret forest you'd find in Narnia. Squirrels were foraging the grounds and bouncing across the snow and little robins were hopping around searching for berries and twigs. It was all so magical. After walking back around to the field, with icy fingers and toes it was time to head back home for a cup of tea.

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