A Quiet January & A Few Simple Goals

10 January 2018

It's been a quiet start to January so far. I've been slowly getting myself back into a routine again, working on some creative ideas and I've also started getting back into going for walks around the local area. January is usually a slow month for me anyway, but I like to spend these first few weeks organising through documents, de-cluttering and sorting through things to go to charity, rearranging for a clear space, starting my to-do lists and jotting down new fresh ideas in my notebook.

I've never been a big goals or resolutions maker, but I like to make a note of a few things to focus on throughout the year. I kept last years goals quite simple and looking back most of them are goals that I'd like to carry on through to this year, so I've made a little list of some simple intentions for the year ahead.

Building a portfolio
My photography is always something that I love to focus on each year and with my passion and enthusiasm for photography that has grown over the years I'm always looking for opportunites and ways to improve my skills. I've always wanted to start building a portfolio so this year I'm taking my time on it and focusing on what fields of photography I enjoy most to begin to build a collection of photos. I also bought a roll of film last week and I'm so looking forward to taking more 35mm photos to add to my portfolio collection.

Learning new things
This has always been a goal of mine for each year as I have such a big love for learning new things, especially when it comes to the creative arts. So whether that be learning something new about camera settings and editing or something more crafty and DIY, I just love learning new things and gaining new skills. Whilst I love to get all my ideas from Pinterest and magazines, I've been looking at joining an evening class or workshops which is something I've been considering getting involved in!

Taking one step at a time
I can sometimes get myself so caught up in overthinking and trying to change too many things at once which just causes even more stress. I've always worried about not having a clear path, but taking each day as it comes and to continue to enjoy my passions is something that I want to focus on this year.

Being more mindful helped a lot last year when I was going through struggles with stress and anxiety. I started to put some time aside for mindful moments like reading and going out for walks for when things got a bit too much. And even when I wasn't feeling 100%, taking some time out did wonders for clearing my mind of any stresses. So I want to carry that on through to this year too and remind myself to take some time out when needed.

What are your goals for this year?

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