Frosty Wanderings & Winter Blues

17 January 2018

The past few weeks have been the gloomiest and coldest by far, with downpours of icy rain and temperatures that make me want to hide away indoors and cosy up to blankets and warm up to plenty of cups of tea.

I've been feeling the Winter blues lately, feeling a lack of creative inspiration and longing for the arrival of Spring, especially since the weather hasn't been at its greatest. But when I saw there was a frosty clear morning the other week, it was the perfect opportunity to wrap up warm, grab my camera and go for a wander around one of my favourite nearby walks.

It's not often we get a frost that lasts all morning. With a crisp fresh air and the sun warm on my back, it was blissful and beautiful and just what I had been needing after some gloomy past few weeks. It was wonderful to see the paths of leaves sprinkled with magic, sparkling in the morning sunlight. I just couldn't resist taking a few snaps of the beautifully detailed frosted leaves and branches that were too covered with a dusting of frost. 

A sprinkle of magic.

As much as I do like these Winter months, I'm really looking forward to when Spring arrives with its beautiful blooms and the start of lighter mornings and evenings. But until then I'm hoping that we'll have some more brighter Winter days and see a few frosty mornings like this. And as for the Winter blues, I'll be combatting it with books, baking and making sure to wrap up warm and get out for more walks.

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