Joys In January

31 January 2018

I've made a slight change to my usual 'recently I have been' post and because I really want to start focusing on the positives this year, I've decided to start documenting the little joys in each month in a little end of month round up.

I feel like this has been a very long month, but overall (minus a slight case of the Winter blues and catching a cold this week), It's been a calm and quiet month. So without further ado here are my little joys in January!

1. Seeing the first of the snowdrops outside the village church grounds. I picked a few to take home with me and pop into a little jar with water on my bookcase. I've also noticed some daffodil shoots about which is making me so excited for the arrival of Spring!

2. Getting back into baking again. This month I've baked wholemeal banana bread ,granola bars, white chocolate and cranberry cookies and breakfast banana muffins! I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into Spring themed baking!

3. Displaying flowers around the house. It's been so lovely to see so many beautiful bunches of flowers in the shops lately, especially with all the tulips and daffodils! Flowers are definitely my favourite way to brighten up a day! 

4. The bright sunny days we've been having in between the grey rainy days. I love a good rainy day but it's been so lovely to see a sunny Winter's day every now and then.

5. I finished my first book of the year which was Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. The His Dark Materials trilogy has been on my to-read list for such a long time and so I decided to start off this years reading with these books. I've just started The Subtle Knife which is the second book of the trilogy, I'm rather excited about this one.

6. Seeing some snow which came as a surprise as I didn't think we would be forecast any more. It didn't last long and soon turned to rain in the afternoon, but it was so lovely and calming to watch flurries of snow with a cup of tea in hand and see it settle for a while along the paths and roof tops.

7. Buying a packs of flower seeds which I'm hoping to sow in Spring. I really got into gardening last year and I'm really looking forward to helping my mum grow some more flowers and maybe some fruit and vegetables this year in the garden!

8. Catching up on some of my favourite podcast episodes. Tea & Tattle being one of my recent favourites to listen to whilst I'm working on my laptop or winding down in the evenings.

What have been your joys in January?

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