Joys In February

28 February 2018

Since January felt like it lasted for ages, to me February has been quite the opposite and it's flown by! I must admit, I'm kind of glad as it means we're one step closer to Spring and I think I'm in need of a fresh new month and season to get back on track again. But Winter is certainly holding on as we're due some snow and minus temperatures this week.

My Current Favourite Podcast Episodes I've Been Inspired By

19 February 2018

Last year I started getting into listening to podcasts and since then I have discovered lots of interesting and inspiring episodes! I've gained so much from listening to podcast episodes, with online creatives that have not only given me the inspiration for my own creative work, but have also given me the advice I have needed to hear when things weren't always going so well.

Granola Bars

14 February 2018

I shared these granola bars on Instagram a few weeks back and I had a few people ask me where the recipe was from. So I thought it would be a good idea to put together the recipe in a blog post!

Ways I'm Embracing Slow Living & Mindfulness This Year

7 February 2018

Over the past few years I've started to bring slow living and mindfulness into my everyday lifestyle and I've started to notice little positive changes and how much it is beginning to help with some of my struggles with anxiety and stress. I came across slow living and mindfulness when I started to get into blogging a few years back. It was online where I heard about different ways in which people were embracing a slow living lifestyle and including those moments of mindfulness in their day to day life. Once I began to learn more about it, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to include in my lifestyle too!