Joys In February

28 February 2018

Since January felt like it lasted for ages, to me February has been quite the opposite and it's flown by! I must admit, I'm kind of glad as it means we're one step closer to Spring and I think I'm in need of a fresh new month and season to get back on track again. But Winter is certainly holding on as we're due some snow and minus temperatures this week.

It's been an up and down couple of weeks. I've been spending far too much time overthinking about so many different things at once, becoming a little impatient with my work and I've also noticed that self doubt has slowly been creeping up on me again. I felt the exact same way this time last year and I think It's probably to do with just finding that rhythm and routine that I'm happy with again. The worst thing to do is let stress take over and to rush about trying to get things done and over time I've learnt that I just need to take some time out, write things down and take each day as it comes.

And something I'm getting into this year is to start making note of the little things in each month that have given me joy and made me smile. And even though things have been a little rocky, it's always best to see that even the littlest things can shine through. So without further ado here are my joys in February!

1. Spotting more signs of Spring. I've definitely been on look out for more signs of Spring, especially with all the flowers that are beginning to bloom and it's so lovely to see the start of the lighter mornings and evenings!

2. Pancake day. I had a go at making some pancakes and it turned out to be a massive fail. But we had some shop bought ones as spares with a drizzle of maple syrup. Yum! 

3. Going for a walk in the snow and seeing the horses in the fields. As much as I am feeling ready for Spring, it's lovely to see some snow for last couple of weeks of Winter. It's been super cold lately, but its been nice to get out for a long walk when the ground is covered in a sheet of snow.

4. Baking a delicious loaf of bread. I've always struggled to make bread and one of my baking goals for this year is to get some more practice. I started off with a simple ready made bread flour mix and I made sure to follow the method properly. After letting the bread cool fully (something I never do) and it turned out to be a lovely loaf!

5. Adding a touch of Spring to the home with photo frames with floral prints and of bunches of flowers in jars. As much as I love cosy Winter home d├ęcor, I'm slowly starting to bring in the floral prints and pale tones of greens and pinks. As I've always been into interiors I just love when a new season begins to arrive and I love to make a few simple changes here and there.

6. Getting back into house plant care. I discovered a love for house plant care last year and although a few of the succulents I had didn't do so well, I'm hoping to learn more about caring for house plants and hoping that my new succulents do much better this time round! 

7. Finishing my second book of this year. I've just finished The Subtle Knife and I'm now onto the final book of the His Dark Materials trilogy!

8. Getting a fresh hair cut. It had been a while since I last had my hair cut and so I thought I would go just a little shorter in time for Spring!

What have been your joys in February?

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