My Current Favourite Podcast Episodes I've Been Inspired By

19 February 2018

Last year I started getting into listening to podcasts and since then I have discovered lots of interesting and inspiring episodes! I've gained so much from listening to podcast episodes, with online creatives that have not only given me the inspiration for my own creative work, but have also given me the advice I have needed to hear when things weren't always going so well.

I've been listening to a range of podcasts from business to more lifestyle related and I'm always on the look out for any episodes that have relatable topics or with guests that I know and would love to hear more about. I've been inspired by plenty of episodes, so I thought I would share a couple of my favourites from the podcasts that I've been listening to lately!

Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker 

Sara's podcast was the first one I came across when I heard about it on Instagram. Sara is an Instagram queen and her advice has been so helpful and inspiring to listen to. Her podcast is perfect for Instagrammers, bloggers and online creatives who are looking for advice, tips and inspiration to help them further their work. I particularly enjoyed listening to a recent episode number 38 with Beth Kirby (Local Milk), who talked how she built her business alongside living with her diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder, her creative journey and her tips for starting out your creativity online.

What She Said by Lucy Lucraft  

I first came across Lucy's Instagram around the start of last year and when I heard she was starting a podcast series I just couldn't wait to listen. I've enjoyed hearing the stories and having an insight into the lives of some of my favourite bloggers and Instagrammers on Lucy's podcast. Season 1 Episode 20 with Sarah Louise Ferguson was a favourite of mine who spoke about her journey so far with Instagram and dealing with the comparison trap and imitation.

Blogtacular by Kat Molesworth 

I started listening to the Blogtacular podcast last year when I heard that a few online creatives I know had been on Kat's podcast. I love listening to interviews and the Blogtacular podcast is full of everything in the creative business. I loved episode 25 with Dominique Davis who creates such amazing and creative photos over on her Instagram All That Is She. I loved hearing about her Instagram tips and her story behind going full time with blogging and Instagram and how she landed those WHP features on Instagram.

CTRL, ALT, DELETE by Emma Gannon

Episode 15 and 63 with Olivia Purvis from What Olivia Did were episodes that really resonated with me over on Emma's podcast. As I've struggled with days where I really get myself down about comparing myself to others and doubting myself and my work, I found it so helpful to hear about Liv's ways in which she manages getting past those feelings and to carry on doing your own thing.  

At Home With by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton 

I loved listening to Lily and Anna's first season of At Home With. The first episode I listened to was episode 10 with Zoe Sugg, which I found so interesting to hear more about Zoe's interior inspirations and an insight into some parts of her career journey. It definitely has that chatty and homely feel to the podcast and I just can't wait to see what Lily and Anna have in store for their next season! 

Tea & Tattle by Miranda and Sophie 

Tea & Tattle is a podcast I started listening to back in December. I particularly loved their All About Hygge episode, which as a fellow Hygge lover, I found their discussion so fun to listen to. And episode 46 about Wabi Sabi and the Art of Imperfection was so inspiring to me and influenced me to start feeling more positive about imperfections in my own work and to not stress out about getting things overly perfect. I find Tea & Tattle such a pleasant and cosy podcast to listen to, along with a cup of tea of course!

Are you a podcast listener?
What are your current favourite podcasts?

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