Ways I'm Embracing Slow Living & Mindfulness This Year

7 February 2018

Over the past few years I've started to bring slow living and mindfulness into my everyday lifestyle and I've started to notice little positive changes and how much it is beginning to help with some of my struggles with anxiety and stress. I came across slow living and mindfulness when I started to get into blogging a few years back. It was online where I heard about different ways in which people were embracing a slow living lifestyle and including those moments of mindfulness in their day to day life. Once I began to learn more about it, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to include in my lifestyle too!

I've learnt so much about mindfulness and slow living. It's taught me to take some time out when I need it most, to not put so much pressure on myself to get things done and putting some time aside for self-care, especially when I've been struggling with some anxiety and stress. And I've began to embrace the things I love most, appreciating even the littlest things that I might not have noticed before. So I thought I would share some of my favourite slow lived and mindful activities that I've been including in my lifestyle and some new ones that I'll be including throughout this year too!

:: Getting up earlier whilst its still quiet and taking my time to enjoy a slow morning. With a cup of tea of course! 

:: Embracing the outdoors and going out for more walks. Wandering around the local footpaths or even taking a longer route to the village shops. Being more mindful of my surroundings, noticing the way they change throughout each of the seasons.

:: Getting out in the kitchen to bake homemade sweet treats or savoury foods. Using store cupboard ingredients to make simple bakes such as batches of shortbreads and cookies, flapjacks and banana bread! And searching through cook books, magazines and online to make note of new recipes to try!

:: Reading a chapter or two of a book in the evenings. 

:: Spending some time gardening. Growing flowers from seeds that can be cut for arranging homemade bunches. Or having a go at growing vegetables and fruits.

:: Listening to music or podcasts whilst de-cluttering and tidying. 

:: Getting out the sketchbook and start some new sketches. Drawing from photographs or still life.

:: Having a go at something new. A new arts and crafts or DIY project, a style of photography, a new recipe for example.

:: Sitting outside in the garden when it's Spring and Summer time listening to music or reading a magazine. 

:: Preparing the home for when a new season arrives. Bringing fresh flowers and plants into the home for Spring and Summer. Creating a cosy and warm home for Autumn and Winter.

:: Starting a scrapbook to put together favourite photographs from DSLR, phone snaps and even a selection of film photographs.

:: Winding down in the evenings with a favourite movie or tv series. 

:: Taking a short break from social media every now and then and come back feeling refreshed.

:: Making note of the positives in each month. Practicing gratitude and documenting the little joys.

:: Enjoying a visit to a garden, estate or castle with the family. Taking a homemade picnic to eat outside on warmer days.

:: Putting time aside for a skincare routine. Looking after skin with moisturising and cleansing, make-up free days and the occasional face mask. 

In what ways will you be including mindful and slow lived activities
in your lifestyle this year?

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