Things to See & Do in Spring This Year

25 March 2018

Happy spring! I've been ready for spring since I started to spot the first signs, from the lighter longer days to seeing the daffodil shoots starting to appear. I just love when a new season begins and as much as I do love the colder months, I'm looking forward to start seeing the warmer sunnier days of Spring. I have so much I'd love to do throughout spring, from baking to sowing seeds. And so without further ado here are a few ideas for things to see & do in spring this year!

A Few Ways I've Found Helpful For When Creative Block Hits

12 March 2018

When creative block hits it's something I tend to really struggle with. Whether that be within photography or written work I can get so down about it and end up letting stress and self-doubt take over. Especially those days where your work ends up not going the way you planned or you get to that point where you feel stuck with what to do next. But after reading so much advice from others online who had been struggling with the same thing, I've been finding different ways to help get back on track with creativity again.