A Few Ways I've Found Helpful For When Creative Block Hits

12 March 2018

When creative block hits it's something I tend to really struggle with. Whether that be within photography or written work I can get so down about it and end up letting stress and self-doubt take over. Especially those days where your work ends up not going the way you planned or you get to that point where you feel stuck with what to do next. But after reading so much advice from others online who had been struggling with the same thing, I've been finding different ways to help get back on track with creativity again.

On a similar subject of creative block and getting back on track, I read a post a week back by Freya (Nishaantishu) who wrote about Winter Blues and the Anxiety of Unproductivity which really resonated with me as I was going through a case of the Winter blues at the start of the year and my creativity and motivation to get work done just wasn't working for me. I'm slowly trying to make things become less stressful for when a lack of inspiration hits and since going through some difficulties with my creativity a few weeks back, I thought I would share some of the ways that I've found helpful for getting back on track when creative block hits.

Taking some time out to recharge
Whether that be for a day, a week or longer, I find that taking a break allows you to come back with a fresh mind. For me, if I continue to push myself to complete something that just isn't working out, I end up feeling ten times more stressed out than I did in the beginning. Added pressure is probably the last thing you want when you're going through some sort of creative/inspiration block, taking some time out can help to de-stress and recharge especially when things get too much.

Creating a mood board or written mind map
Pinterest has always been my go to place for finding inspiration. I love creating my own boards of styles of photography that have caught my eye. I've also discovered lots of useful tips and tricks too, with lots of helpful blog posts and tutorials such as how to style flat lays, styling food photography, Instagram tips and tricks and plenty more. Having a notebook on hand is also something that helps, so for whenever something sparks you can jot it down and always come back to it later!

Adventuring the great outdoors
Something I've mentioned quite a few times on the blog is that I feel so much more better when I get outdoors for a walk. When I'm going through some kind of creative block I can get myself caught up in overthinking absolutely everything. So getting out for a long walk somewhere even if it's just around the local village allows me to take my mind off of things for a while. I usually keep a camera on hand as you'll never know what you'll find whilst out on a walk, especially around the change of seasons!

Trying new things and changing things up 
When I'm stuck with what to do next I look for new things to try out which could be a new style of photography, using different props or even a new series to introduce to the blog. I even love making small simple changes to my work such as going into the editing app I've been using (usually VSCO) and try out a new pre-set/filter and experiment with different edits, playing around with the colours and tones to see what works best. Sometimes even the littlest change can make a big difference!

Revisiting previous work
After reading a post written by Dominique (All That Is She) a few weeks back on overcoming creative block on Instagram, she suggested to rework your old work which is something I never thought to do. There's been numerous times where I take so many photos and they end up being left in folders stored on my laptop and never get used. So lately I've been looking back at old photos and editing a few to see if I could fit them anywhere into my work. It's also a good way to look back at old content and make a note of what you loved about your previous work and spotting anything that you'd love to work back into your current content or make improvements!

What tips do you have for getting back on track with your creativity
when a creative block hits?

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