Joys In May

30 May 2018

A little round up of my joys in May!

1. A trip to Alton Towers. We went to Alton Towers to experience the new wooden rollercoaster! I grew up visiting Alton Towers and have been to the park numerous times to experience new coasters, but by far this one has been my favourite. Then after going on a few of the coasters we took a walk through the Alton Towers gardens, spotting lots of spring blooms and wandering around the beautiful conservatory.

2. Chelsea Flower Show. Since being inspired to get back into gardening this year, I've been loving watching the Chelsea Flower Show on tv. Some of the gardens that have been created are absolutely amazing and it really inspires me to get out in the garden and plant lots of flowers! 

3. The Royal Wedding. Of course I just had to mention the Royal Wedding!

4. Picking peonies from the garden. We have some deep pink peonies that bloom in the garden every year, but they never seem to last very long as they get blown about in the wind. I am yet to find bunches of peonies in my local shops so I thought I would cut a few from the garden and bring them indoors to display in my room.

5. Finding a good pair of jeans. I've been on a search for a good pair of jeans that I feel comfortable in and eventually I found a pair of girlfriend jeans from GAP's Wearlight range. They have been so perfect for the warmer weather we've been having!

6. Wildflower seedlings appearing in the garden. I've been sowing wildflower seeds in the garden and I've noticed lots of new seedlings starting to appear! I can't wait to see if they will bloom in the summer.

7. Baking a carrot cake. With buttercream and walnuts, yum! 

8. Spotting all the forget-me-nots and bluebells around the village. 

9. Going for a walk around my local nature trail and seeing how much it's changed since I last walked around there in winter. 

10. Starting a new book to read. I've been wanting to get back into reading again and so I popped into Sainsbury's to see what they had on offer and picked up a book called Spring at the Little Cornish Isles, The Flower Farm. It's such a warm, summer read and making me dream of going back to Cornwall again!

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