A Wander Amongst The Wildflowers & A Slow Summer

10 June 2018

Happy June! I always love the beginning of a new season and although the summer solstice doesn't officially begin until the 21st June, it does feel like summer is already in the air!

I'm planning on having another slow lived and mindful approach to this summer. I never used to be much of a summer person, but over the past year I started to embrace each of the seasons more and enjoying the little things about each of them. Throughout spring and summer I love when all the flowers are in bloom, so I try to get out as much as I can and go for walks and visits to gardens! Also this summer, I'm hoping to get back into sharing more content on the blog, with more photo diaries, hopefully a few new recipes and other seasonal content. So firstly I thought I would start by sharing some photos of the wildflowers I came across on my walk a few weeks back.

I hadn't been out on a long walk in a while and so over the bank holiday weekend, a wander through one of my favourite local walks was just what I had needed. The last time I had walked around here was back in March when we had all that snow and bitter temperatures, so it was lovely to get back out again and see all the new season changes around the footpaths and fields.

I always love just how beautiful the nature trails around here look throughout the spring and summer months. I do love a good walk throughout autumn, when all the leaves are golden, but it's always amazing to see how much the landscapes and nature trails change when we move into the warmer seasons. Back in early March the paths were still pretty bare due to the snow we had, although I could still see buds were slowly starting to appear on the trees along with snowdrops and daffodil and tulip shoots starting to grow. Now the paths are wild with many different flowers and the trees with luscious green leaves!

I was eager to see what was growing in the community garden at the bottom of the nature trail. Last year I was impressed with the beautiful wildflower meadow that had been planted, golden summer tones of tall grasses and daisies. Along with poppies, field scabious, cornflowers and many other wildflowers. Bug houses were also built amongst the wildflowers and a bench for walkers to sit and enjoy the beautiful space around them. It's so lovely to see something done with the space around your local area and completely transformed from what was once a bare space.

Throughout this spring the garden has been blooming with a sea of forget-me-nots, red campion, cow parsley, welsh poppies and many other wildflowers. I'm rather excited to see what other flowers will be in bloom this summer!

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