Joys In June

1 July 2018

June had been a little quiet for me. I've been focusing on taking things one step at a time and trying not to let stress get the better of me, as things have been a little up and down these past few weeks.

Now that summer is here and we're mid-way through the year, I'm taking some time just to slow down, take in the sunshine and focus on now rather than overthinking too far ahead. This month may have been a bit up and down in some places, but as always I like to make note of the positives, no matter how small and so here are my joys in June.

:: Photographing the wildflower meadow in the village. Last year I discovered a wildflower meadow around one of the nature trails in our village, but I never got to see it in full bloom as we were slowly moving into autumn. I went back to the meadow last week as I had a feeling that the wildflower meadow would be in full bloom so I went out for a walk around the trail and was right to see that the meadow was blooming with a sea of daisies, poppies, cornflowers and many other types of wildflowers.

:: Taking my cup of tea outside in the mornings. It's been so relaxing and peaceful sitting out in the garden before I start my day.

:: Baking a delicious lemon traybake. I posted the recipe on the blog which can be found here.

:: Buying a bunch of Sweet Williams for my bedside table. They are one of my favourite summer blooms.

:: Seeing that the strawberries in the garden will soon be ready to pick!

:: Drinking iced coffee on a warm sunny afternoon. My new favourite is from Alpro's Caffe range, which is so delicious. Especially the caramel flavour.

:: Loading a new film into my Olympus OM10. I've been getting out shooting some photos for a new summer film series.

:: Seeing my gypsophila seedlings growing tall. I spent one morning thinning out my little seedlings into new pots and since then they have been looking so much more happier. I'm hoping they will start to flower around August.

:: Sitting outside in the late evenings listening to music, looking out for stars and watching the bats fly across the garden.

What have been your joys in June?

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