July in the garden. Sweet Peas, Sunflowers & Hedgehog Visits

18 July 2018

I had been on weather watch all week, hoping that rain would be on it's way. Then last Friday afternoon, dark grey clouds were looming over, which was a sure sign that a shower of rain was close by. I stepped outside in the garden as the rain started to fall, which felt so refreshing after the heat we've had over these past few weeks. I came back inside and watched the downpour from my bedroom window, listening to the soothing sound of the rain. I even spotted people down the street watching the rain from their windows too. It may have been a short downpour, but it was definitely needed, especially for the garden!

Since the beginning of spring, I started sowing seeds for summer blooms. I don't know a lot about gardening, but I thought I'd try growing pots of different flowers so I could make my own little posies throughout the year!

The wildflowers I sowed back in early spring are now growing wild with little white, blue and pink flowers. There's also the sweet scent of sweet peas climbing and winding around the bamboo canes in beautiful pinks, blues and reds. These also make lovely little posies for placing in jars around the home! And not to mention the sunflowers which are growing tall. They aren't as tall as previous years, but I love how they're different to you're usual sunflower, with their deep burnt orange and yellow tones blending together in the petals.

There's also been a lot of wildlife in the garden, which is so lovely to see. Butterflies and bees, loving that the buddleja (butterfly bush) is finally beginning to flower. There's always lots of birds that fly in and out of the garden, one of the birds has even decided to build her nest inside the vines that grow wild across the garage. We spotted the babies in the nest a few weeks back, but I think they may have fledged now!

At night there's been bats that swoop and zoom around the house. And then one night ago at around 10:30pm, a hedgehog wandered into the garden! It's been years since I last saw one. I was so happy to see this rather big hedgehog having a sniff around the garden. It's so nice to see that they're back again! I didn't manage to get a photo, but I'm hoping there will be more hedgehogs returning to the garden soon.

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