Things To See & Do This Summer

8 July 2018

At the end of June we celebrated the start of the summer solstice. The weather has certainly been beautiful for the beginning of summer, with blue skies and plenty of sunshine over these past few weeks! Summer is my favourite time for slowing down and being outdoors. Discovering all the beautiful wildflowers, enjoying a cup of tea or iced coffee out in the garden and long walks in the sunshine. So here are a few ideas for things to see and do this summer!


:: Create your own summer wreaths and floral crowns with foraged wildflowers.

:: Make some summer treats such as a fruity pavlova with plenty of cream and mixed berries, summer berry roulade, cheesecake, lemon cake, ice cream sandwiches and many more!

:: Make your own fruit juices and smoothies for a refreshing summer drink.

:: Keep aside your empty jam jars or pasta sauce jars, wash thoroughly and use as vases for beautiful blooms.

:: Try making your own jams with fresh strawberries or blackberries.

:: Have a go at flower pressing.

:: Make your own wildlife homes for the garden such as bat and hedgehog houses!


:: Visit your local park or nature trail. Be mindful of your surroundings, embrace and notice the summer seasonal changes.

:: Choose a day for a long hiking trip.

:: Go camping or glamping!

:: Forage wildflowers. Cow parsley, campion, cornflowers, poppies, daisies, buttercups and many more.

:: Visit a flower show, crafts fair, music and art festivals.

:: Harvest any of your home grown fruit and veg. Or visit your local pick-your-own farm.

:: Take a trip to the seaside or lake.

:: Visit a National Trust or English Heritage site. There will be plenty of summer events going on so look out on the websites for what's up and coming!


:: Read a book or magazine outside.

:: Have a digital detox day or weekend. Spend some time away from the computer or phone and get stuck into some summer activities.

:: Open the curtains wide in the mornings and let in the summer morning light.

:: Spend some mindful moments setting yourself some mid-year goals.

:: Visit an outdoor cinema! Or create your own outdoor cinema in your back garden for a night outside watching your favourite films.

:: Spend the evening outdoors as the night gets darker. Bring books and magazines, listen music and bring a blanket as the temperatures get cooler. Lookout for stars and watch out for bats swooping through the air!

:: Embrace a slow summer morning. Take your morning cup of tea, coffee or drink of choice outside.

What are your favourite things 
to see and do in summer?

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