Joys in July

1 August 2018

Happy August! I still can't quite believe how quickly these spring and summer months are flying by and that we're in August already! As I've always preferred the colder seasons, I can't help but be tiny bit excited for the fact that we're getting even more closer to autumn. I just love that feeling of getting closer to a brand new season, especially around autumn and winter time. Before I get carried away talking about all things autumn... I'm feeling a lot more positive this month after a few ups and downs a few weeks back and I'm looking forward to a couple of things I have planned over the rest of summer.

The start of July had a bit of a rocky start, but as always I love to share my joys in each month, even if it is the smallest of joyful moments. So without further ado, here are my joys in July!

1. Waking up to the sound of rain in the mornings. After a long heatwave it had been so refreshing to have a weekend of rain. There's always been something about rainy days that make me feel so calm and relaxed.

2. Hedgehog visits. I haven't seen a hedgehog for such a long time, so it was such a joy to see a hedgehog having a good sniff in the garden a few nights ago!

3. Buying a new set of pencils and getting back into drawing again. I've always found drawing to be so therapeutic and one of my favourite ways to wind down. I have a sketchbook full of blank pages that I'd love to fill up with plenty of drawings over the next few months.

4. Taking a trip to Chatsworth House. We visited for the first time last year and decided to go back and spend the day exploring the gardens. It was a lovely day to wander around the beautiful gardens again.

5. Buying a bunch of sunflowers for my bedroom.

6. The smell of flapjacks baking in the oven. I had half a bag of porridge oats left so I thought I would use them up and make a batch of flapjacks. Yum!

7. Cutting wildflowers and lavender from the garden and placing in jars of water for the home.

8. Having a go at pressing flowers. I'm currently trying to resist having a peek at how they're doing. They should be ready in a week or so and then I can decorate them in glass photo frames to hang up in my bedroom.

9. Watching the new trailer for the new Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald. I'm so excited about the fact that we get to see Hogwarts again!

10. Starting a new book. I've just started reading 'Happy' by Fearne Cotton and since I go through troubles with my anxiety it's been such a comforting and calming read. Fearne talks about her own struggles with depression and anxiety and the ways in which she finds most helpful for managing her thoughts and feelings. Along with some little exercises throughout the book which I've been getting stuck into.

What were your joys in July?

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