Autumn's Treasures

27 September 2018

It's that time of year again, where no matter where you wander, you'll always find plenty of autumn's treasures along your way. You'll find all the fallen leaves scattered across the paths, covered in a sea of golds, browns, blazing oranges and reds, that create a delightful crunch under your boots as you walk amongst them.

Ripened conkers fall upon the piles of leaves below the horse-chestnut trees, that are prized open by passing by school children who cannot contain their excitement in search for the largest conker. And even those of us who go out for walks to the woodlands and parks, we still can't resist foraging for the untouched conkers amongst the leaf strewn paths, that brings back memories of our own childhood conker collecting days.

Step into the woodlands and forests for they hold many of autumn's treasures. Although some must not be picked, amongst the winding paths of woodland trails and forest floor you'll find kingdoms of wild mushrooms. The fairy tale like fly agaric glowing in it's magnificent shade of red and white spots (which I'm eagerly hoping to find this year), along with many other species. The safe kind can be foraged and taken home ready to be made into delicious hearty soups and plenty more.

Not only are there wild mushrooms, but you'll stumble upon an abundance of berries and nuts out in the countryside, local fields and woodlands. Elderberries, rose hips, blackthorns and hawthorns. Along with hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts. It's the perfect time of year for foraging wild fruits to be made into jams and nuts to taken home to be roasted.

So for when you next go out on a long walk around the woodlands, parks and countryside this season, take in all of what is around you, as autumn magic is everywhere and you'll be sure to find plenty of its treasures.

What autumn treasures will you be looking out for this season?

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