Joys In August

1 September 2018

Summer has noticeably been making it's shift into autumn and now that September is here I'm more than ready for the colder seasons to arrive and that 'back to school', fresh start like feeling. Over the summer my motivation and productivity levels took a turn and I was going through a rough patch with my anxiety again. Things were just a bit all over the place. However August had been a bit more of a calmer month. The weather has changed so much and I've felt a lot more at ease when getting on with my day to day things. It had been a month of slowing down and focusing on the positive things along with a few little goals I've set for the rest of the year ahead.

As always I love to share my joys in each month, so without further ado here are my joys in August!

:: Adventuring Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District. My brother was telling me about the different walks he's done around the Peak District and told me about Ladybower Reservoir. I had seen lots of beautiful photos taken around that area and so my brother, dad and I decided to take a drive out there. I spent some time photographing the misty trees up on the hilltops across the reservoir, walking through woodland trails and picking blackberries. Before heading back home we then stopped off in the little village of Castleton. I can't wait to go back there when all the trees are golden.

:: Baking Malteser brownies. I found this brownie recipe on the Delicious Magazine website! I find that the brownies taste even better the next day after being left in the fridge to chill overnight. The have this delicious fudgy texture along with the crunch of the Maltesers, yum!

:: Great British Bake Off returning to tv. My Tuesday evenings are now complete!

:: Getting back into reading The Amber Spyglass. I've been reading the His Dark Materials trilogy since the start of the year and it's taken me a while to get into the third book compared to the other two which I really enjoyed. I took a little reading break but now that I've picked it up again and over halfway through, I'm getting stuck into it again!

:: Elder Scrolls Online. I'm not a huge gamer, but when I've had some spare time in the week I've been loving playing Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One. I love all things mystical and magical and ESO is just that! 

:: Spotting conkers beginning to grow on the chestnut trees. A few have fallen to the ground by the wind and they have the tiniest conkers inside! I can't wait till they're ready for autumn.

:: Adding a new yellow raincoat to my wardrobe. I had been after a yellow raincoat for ages and when I saw one from Joules in the sale I just couldn't resist. It's become my new favourite outdoor adventure jacket!

:: Listening to The Mindful Kind podcast by Rachel Kable. I was on the lookout for some new podcasts to listen to and came across Rachel's mindfulness podcast. I find it so relaxing to listen to and I really love Rachel's tips for being more mindful and to include in your every day life.

What have been your joys in August?

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