Autumn Wanderings. Markeaton Park Photo Diary.

24 October 2018

There's always so much to see when getting outdoors for a walk throughout each of the seasons. Winter for it's magical frosty mornings and snow days, spring for the beginning of new luscious green leaves and daffodils that dance in the still slightly chilly breeze and summer for wandering through the meadows of wild flowers and fields of golden grasses. But it's autumn walks I love the most as the warm palette of colours and magical treasures that this season brings is always a spectacular sight to see.

Last week one of my friends and I decided to take a visit to Markeaton Park in Derby. Although I'm originally from the South, I've pretty much grown up in the Midlands, but there are still plenty of places I am yet to explore around this part of England. And one of the places I hadn't been to yet was Markeaton Park. I've been to Derby many times, for shopping, meeting up with friends for coffee and heading up towards the Peak District, but for some reason I had never thought to visit Markeaton.

After what had been a bit of an eventful up and down week before, an autumn wander around the park lake, gardens and woodlands was just what I had needed to escape from everything for a while.

The skies were thick with cloud and foliage left dewy from overnight misty rain. Muted tones of maroons, golds and greens swept through the lakes overgrown plants by the waters edge. The golden leaves from the trees across the lake floated upon the moody rippling water where cygnets and swans were gracefully gliding along to greet us at the jetty.

Further on down the lake next to one of the bridges, a horse chestnut tree stood magnificent with a few of its glorious burnt orange leaves still holding onto the branches. The ground underneath was slightly muddy, scattered in russet leaves and old dried up conker casings. Geese, swans and ducks surrounded the bridge, greedily after food as a child with his parents standing on the bridge was throwing bread into the water.

Mugs of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows were drank at the Orangery café that overlooked the gardens. Which had an array of autumn blooms growing wild in the flowerbeds. Bright yellow and orange flowers stood tall against the Orangery brick walls, illuminating in the afternoon sunlight that was beginning to break through the clouds.

The woodland area of the park held plenty of autumn treasures with pine cones and acorns scattered across the ground amongst the leaves. Grey squirrels were chasing each other (unfortunately too quick for me to photograph) jumping from tree to tree and foraging the ground for any nuts they could find.

Back towards the other side of the bridge, the sound of water was heard rushing down the rocks of the stream into the duck pond. It wasn't long before the ducks, geese and swans came back swimming underneath the bridge and into the pond area, eager for more food as walker's came passing by.

And so Markeaton Park is bursting with autumn goodness. If you're visiting Derbyshire, I recommend a wander around the park as there is plenty to see!

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