Autumn In The Peak District Photo Diary

14 November 2018

Pine trees standing high upon the hilltops, winding countryside roads, rugged moorlands, woodlands filled with magic and mystery, I don't think there's anything quite like adventuring the great outdoors. It's not often I go on adventures and travel out of town, but when I do, I try to soak up as much of that countryside air, capture as many photos as I can and just enjoy being surrounded by nature again.

I visited the Peak District a few times over the summer, wandering the gardens of Chatsworth House on a very hot and humid day, where all the wildflowers were blooming and every tree lusciously green. A rainy trip to Ladybower Reservoir, where the landscapes were covered in a sea of heather and the pines wrapped up in a blanket of mist and then a drive towards Castleton to stop off for some lunch and take a few snaps around the beautiful village home to caves, plenty of coffee shops, pubs and stone cottages.

A trip to the Peak District had been top of my autumn to see and do list this year and so last month the family and I decided to gather our walking gear and head up towards Winnats Pass and the surrounding area.

Whilst driving along countryside roads on our way to Hope Valley, I started to notice flurries of snow landing on the car window. The night before I had seen that snow was forecast in the Peak District, but I didn't think we would found ourselves driving through wintery showers! As we drove towards the High Peak area, the flurries of snow were becoming thicker and starting to settle upon the hilltops. You wouldn't think we were in the middle of autumn, looking out of the car window and seeing the landscapes transformed into a wintery scene.

The snow stopped as we headed into Hope Valley and autumn was certainly back to it's full glory as the trees burned brightly with oranges and yellows and leaves scattered along the roads and paths. We finally made it to our first destination, Winnats Pass, a limestone valley with its towering hills and winding road that leads towards the village entrance of Castleton. We parked the car and put on our walking boots, wrapped up warm and headed off towards one of the paths of Winnats Pass.

We were faced with icy winds, slippery rocky paths and little flurries of snow starting to fall from the sky full of heavy clouds. We made it to one of the view points up ahead, not the highest point, but still the view of Winnats Pass was wonderful. We stood atop, with frozen finger tips and faces, taking in the views, when suddenly a blizzard came sweeping across. As cold as it was standing amongst the blizzard, the view of Winnats Pass in the snow was breathtaking.

As it was beginning to get a lot colder and the winds becoming stronger, we made our way back down Winnats Pass and back to the car where we warmed up, ate some lunch and planned our next route. We decided that we would take a long drive out of Hope Valley and through Snake Pass, head back down past Ladybower Reservoir and back home. 

The roads around Snake Pass were just full of autumn goodness. Pine trees in colours of greens mixed with burnt oranges stood either side of us as we drove along the road beside the woodlands. We couldn't help but pull over a couple of times and get out of the car to explore. I crossed the road to take photos of the pine trees up on the hilltops, where I spotted a stream flowing along the rocks and through the woodlands.

The Peak District is beautiful throughout all of the seasons, but visiting throughout autumn was an absolute treat. I can't wait to go back again this side of autumn, before the trees loose their golden leaves and winter takes over. Although I'm sure the landscapes will look magical beneath a sheet of snow and the paths icy with frost.

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