Joys In November

1 December 2018

Hello December.

I can't quite believe how we're into the last month of the year already. Even autumn, my favourite season of all, seemed to just come and go so quickly. All of the trees around the village have pretty much lost all of their golden colours, leaving the branches bare. And not to mention we've had some really cold frosty mornings too. Winter is most certainly on its way.

I always find that this time of year to be the perfect time to slow down and recharge. There's always some kind of rush around Christmas time (last minute gifts and family dinner preparations and what not!) but other than that I always make sure to spend time just taking things slowly before the start of the new year.

I mentioned that I had a couple of ups and downs over the past few months, but things seem to be getting much better. November had been one of the better months and so I'm hoping December will be the same!

And so here are a are a few of my joys in November.

:: Visiting Snake Pass. When we drove through Snake Pass last month, we just had to come back to embrace the last of the autumn colours. We explored the woodlands which were absolutely spellbinding. I've only ever been to the local woodlands where I live, but I've never seen anything quite like Snake Pass's.

:: Seeing the last of the autumn colours around Ladybower Reservoir. On our way back from Snake Pass we decided to take a little detour towards Ladybower, which was still showing off it's last autumn tones.

:: Baking a toffee apple crumble one Sunday morning.

:: Catching up on Doctor Who. I wasn't too sure about the first couple of story lines of the new series at first, but it's definitely grown on me now!

:: Reading A Discovery Of Witches. I've been really terrible at reading books this year, I tend to finish reading one and then it takes me ages to get back into reading another! I knew I had A Discovery Of Witches left on our bookcase so I thought I would give it a read.

:: Watching Liam Bakes. I loved Liam's baking in last years series of Bake Off and when I heard he had a new show I just couldn't wait to see what recipes he had to share.

:: Waking up to a magical frosty morning. As much as I am sad to see autumn leave us again until next year, I was rather excited to see a beautiful wintery frost outside my window, glistening upon the roof tops and lawns.

:: Chocolate caramel mocha. Delicious!

:: Gabrielle Aplin's 'My Mistake'. I absolutely love Gabrielle's new single, everything about her lyrics are so relatable and I've been playing it on repeat since it was first released.

:: 2019 creative plans. I've been thinking about what next steps to take with my creative work and so over the past few weeks I've been jotting down plenty of ideas and planning lots of new content ideas for next year!

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