Woodland trails & Winter Blues

23 January 2019

Even the smallest of woodlands hold something magical about them. I hadn't been out to the local woodland trail in a while and so on one Sunday morning I decided to wrap up warm and head out for a walk along the trail, snapping photos on my phone and even taking a few shots on my Olympus film camera.

After autumn, the trail becomes a lot more bare throughout winter. Trees cut down and lay in logs upon the ground, old leaves left from autumn are stuck to the muddy patches along the path and flowers are yet to be seen. It's much more beautiful and vibrant around spring and summer time, when the wildflower meadow begins to grow at the bottom of the trail, filled with daisies, forget-me-nots and poppies and not to mention the trees alive with luscious green leaves. But still, even throughout winter there's always something you'll stumble upon if you wander off the main path. Like moss spreading over logs and rocks, fungi hidden in the most unlikely of places and ferns growing wild. This little trail may not be like the woodlands and forests I visit in the Peak District, but with it being just around the corner from home it's somewhere I've always loved to spend some time escaping to every now and then.

Getting outdoors has helped so much over these past few weeks, as I've been feeling rather uninspired and exhausted. It happens every year, no matter how much I try to work my way through it, I still end up with a case of the winter blues. My creative work has always been inspired by embracing each of the seasons and as much as I do love what most of winter brings, what with it's gloriously magical frosty mornings and snow days (if we're lucky), for some reason I just don't seem to strive as much throughout winter. I think it's the cold and darkness that makes me feel unproductive and takes away my energy.

But no matter what I'll still continue to embrace each of the seasons. I've been trying to get down to the bottom of my winter blues and if anything I think doing my best to spend more time outdoors helps the most. So even on the gloomier days where I'd rather be wrapped up warm inside, I'll grab my walking boots and head out for a wander to the woodlands.


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