Celebrating Spring

24 March 2019

It seemed as though winter just didn't want to budge over the past few weeks. One moment we all thought that the weather was just starting to warm up, but then the next thing we know we were hit with low temperatures, frosts and snow. And not to mention all these storms we've had lately with plenty of rain and high winds! However the spring equinox has begun and with the weather looking to pick up, it's time to start embracing the changes of spring.

Seasons in Film. Part One.

18 March 2019

It's not often that I use my Olympus OM10 camera, but when I do I like to bring it along with me every now and then whilst I'm out and about and take a couple of shots. I had a go at shooting my first roll of colour 35mm film a while back in autumn, I gathered a couple of my favourite prints and shared them in a post which you'll find here.

Finding Magic Amongst Padley Gorge

10 March 2019

Babbling brooks in peak district

The more I wander the woodlands and forests, the more I believe that something magical and mystical lies within each and every one of them. Because magic is found amongst the trees and burrowed beneath the old roots. It's found sweeping through the leaf strewn winding paths, under moss covered rocks and flowing along the babbling brooks and streams. Wherever the woodland paths lead you, there's always magic to be found.

Adventuring Snake Woodland

3 March 2019

Woodand path in the peak district

I've been meaning to share my visit to Snake Woodland on the blog for a while now when we visited back in late November last year, just as all the trees were starting to lose their golden autumn leaves and you could sense that winter was on its way. Snake Pass is one of the most popular roads to drive along in the Peak District, situated between Glossop and Ladybower Reservoir in the High Peak area, that winds through the valley of rolling hills and alongside River Ashop. Driving along this road you are treated to beautiful views across the heather strewn hills and pine trees on either side of the road as you make your way towards Snake Woodland.